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Acrobat January release focuses on chart-based completist collections

Acrobat January release focuses on chart-based completist collections

January was always traditionally the month when Acrobat came out with its latest series of British Hit Parades collections, but that process was halted by the change in the copyright laws a few years back which meant that the series had to stop at 1962.

However, with several years of our British Hit Parades B sides still to be compiled and released, along with the development of our series of 4-CD sets in the America’s Greatest Hits, Greatest Country Hits and R&B Hits Collections for each year in the 1950s, early ‘60s and also back into the ‘40s, we still like to have a chart-focused release in January as well as releasing collections using these themes throughout the year.

In January 2018, acrobat is releasing four chart-based products:

1955 British Hit Parade - The B Sides Part 1            Various Artists (ACTRCD9069)

1955 British Hit Parade - The B Sides Part 2            Various Artists (ACTRCD9070)

These two 3-CD sets continue the process of going back through the 1950s and releasing B Side collections as companion editions to the original 1955 British Hit Parade Parts 1 & 2, released in 2006. These comprise the B sides of the chart entries that appeared in those sets, and in our Hits We Missed collection (ADDCD3078)  (minus those which appeared in the original collections as double A sides

The 'Heartbreak Hotel' Top 100  Various Artists (ACQCD7122)

We have released three 4-CDs over the last few years which are complete collections of the records in certain landmark Billboard charts – ‘The First US Top 100 November 12th 1955’ (ACQCD7062), ‘The First US Hot 100 August 1958’ (ACQCD7083) and ‘The First Hot 100 of the '60s’ (ACQCD7097). This one is the Top 100 in the week that Elvis Presley’s ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ went to No. 1, a significant threshold moment in pop music.

The 1962 R&B Hits Collection      Various Artists (ACQCD7123)

This one comprises just about every record that made the US R&B Top 10 during 1962, and it’s a really interesting and high class collection, as it includes a lot of early Motown and Cameo-Parkway hits, and a number of records that were covered by The Beatles and other beat era luminaries, as well as featuring some of the great soul voices of the era from James Brown to Mary Wells.

The releases are featured in our New Releases section, where you can click through to full details of the products. Through the year, we will be releasing more similar collection, especially filling in gaps in our catalogue with America’s Greatest Hits 4-CD sets for years in the ‘40s and early ‘50s, along with

Greatest Country Hits and R&B Hits for various years during the post-war decades through to 1962 where we don’t already have collections available.

We know from e-mails we get from collectors that, alongside our regular single-artist anthologies, these chart-based products provide a particular kind of enjoyment, and we appreciate your continued support for what we do. 

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