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Acrobat releases continue to gather positive reviews in the specialist press

Acrobat releases continue to gather positive reviews in the specialist press

Acrobat products have been getting some excellent reviews in the specialist press over recent months, so we thought we would share some extracts from them

In Tune’s editor Gerry Stonestreet reviewed The Lou Busch-Joe "Fingers" Carr Collection (ACQCD7127), writing: “Lovingly compiled and annotated by Geoff Wilding, this four CD collection comprises 114 tracks featuring the man in many different settings… I was struck by the scale and scope of Busch’s musicality and this set contains some real treasures and rarities. It’s always a pleasure when something unexpected turns up like this collection and I heartily recommend it.”

In the same edition of In Tune, the John Coltrane set “Trane Meets The Tenors” (ACQCD7128) is also reviewed: “It is fascinating and rewarding to hear Coltrane in these widely differing contexts... The liner notes of Simon Spillett have been commended in these columns many times before and once again he has contributed a masterly insight into these recordings in a 34 page essay which greatly enhances the appeal of an already very substantial set.”

Jim Reeves The Complete Singles As & Bs 1949-62 (ACTRCD9071) is mentioned in Howard Cockburn’s Country Comment in Now Dig This. He says “These great recordings highlight the changes that Reeves made to his repertoire and style with enough excellent performances to keep you occupied.”


John Martin, writing in The Jazz Rag, reviewed The Keely Smith Collection 1949-62 (ACTRCD9072) – describing her as a “singer with a phenomenal range and power” and calls the collection “a feast of great singing.”


Vintage Rock’s John Howard enjoyed Buddy Holly & The Crickets’ The Complete US & UK Singles As & Bs 1956-62  (ADDCD3232) saying:  “As a regular reader of Vintage Rock, it’s likely you have many Buddy Holly And The Crickets tracks in your collection already. If so, then buy this for someone else to convert them. If not, then this is a must – a complete Buddy Holly-plus collection with a generous 66 tracks, including the 50 or so he cut in his lifetime, most of which he wrote himself.”

In the same issue of VR John Howard writes positively about The Cleftones Complete Releases 1955-62 (ADDCD3238) and Cliff Richard The Singles & EPs Collection 1958-62 (ADDCD3241) saying of Cliff: “No less than 61 tracks on a double CD here, starting with his debut Move It, and covering all his major early hits, selected EP and LP tracks, ending with Lessons In Love from The Young Ones, there is no question that in the early  days Cliff gave the American instigators of rock’n’roll a good run for their money…” and “Harmonies are spot-on, and there is an informative booklet to browse”, of The Cleftones.


UK Vibe’s Tim Stenhouse has offered two recent reviews of So Much, So Quickly: British Modern Jazz Pianists (ADDCD3240) and The Bill Evans Trio (ADDCD3252). Of  So Much, So Quickly he writes…. “It is important to give credit to compiler Simon Spillett whose attention to detail and supplementary graphical illustrations with black and white photos of the protagonists and individual biographies in the twenty-eight page booklet is exemplary. This is a clear illustration of how jazz should be afforded the same degree of reverence that western classical music devotees have long taken for granted.” While Bill Evans is celebrated: “The music is magical in parts and for a budget price, this no frills edition will not make too much of a dent into your pocket.”


Tim Stenhouse also reviewed 'The Robert Nighthawk collection 1937-1952 (ADDCD3225): “The music contained within this anthology is both of its time, and like the greatest of all music, will never date and continue eternally to appeal to curious individuals who are interested in learning more about the human condition. A splendid sixteen page booklet authored by Paul Watts sets the scene as well as anyone could possibly do...”

In Blues & Rhythm, The Ella Mae Morse Singles Collection (ADDCD3256), is reviewed by Tony Burke who says: “This is the  cream of her recordings and pretty much all you will need by Ms Morse – a true pioneer of rock’n’roll.”

Oklahoma! The 75th Anniversary Collection (ADDCD3266) is mentioned in In Tune, saying that its “original stars Alfred Drake, Joan Roberts and Celeste Holm still sound wonderfully fresh”.

Now Dig This took a look at the Jack Scott (ADDCD3265) and Chet Atkins (ADDCD3254) sets. Of Jack Scott Trevor Cajao says it’s “a great introduction to a great artist”. On Chet Atkins, Howard Cockburn writes: “The set aptly demonstrates Chet Atkins’ versatility with the variety of styles on offer…”

Wanda Jackson The Complete Singles As & Bs 1954-62 gets a 4-star review in Country Music Magazine. Henry Yates celebrates Jackson as the pioneer she was and says, of the songs, the “lack of syrup and schmaltz means they still resonate – throw on the raw-throated Let’s Have A  Party and you’ll do precisely that.”

Country Music Magazine also include the Chet Atkins Collection it in their review of 2018 – listing it as one of the reissues of the year! They say: “Superb sleevenotes, photos and, most importantly, mastering of sound.”

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