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The excellent reviews keep rolling in for Acrobat releases in the specialist and collectors' magazines

The excellent reviews keep rolling in for Acrobat releases in the specialist and collectors' magazines

‘The Singles & Albums Collection 1957-62’ Jack Scott ADDCD3265 (Record Collector, Issue 489, Bob Stanley): "A thorough, completist job, and is value for money at 60 tracks." ****

‘The Floyd Dixon Collection 1949-62’ ACTRCD9074 (Blues & Rhythm, Issue 336, Keith Scoffham): "Paul Watts' excellent booklet outlines the complexity of cataloging the correct dates of these early recordings… This is a potential treasure trove as many of the reissues are well out of catalogue. Buy with confidence."

‘The Champion Jack Dupree Collection 1941-53’ ADDCD3258 (Blues & Rhythm, Issue 336, Neil Slaven): "There's a vast amount to enjoy here. In fact, this has rekindled my love for his unique character."

‘The Singles Collection 1953-62’ Earl King ADDCD3271 (Blues & Rhythm, Issue 336, Norman Darwen): "This double CD overview of the first ten years of Earl's musical career allows anyone interested to listen to 41 tracks of News Orleans blues and R&B from the golden age by a guy whose music is unfailingly interesting and enjoyable. " 29/01/2019

‘The Singles Collection 1955-62’ Brook Benton ADDCD3269 (Blues & Rhythm, Issue 336, Keith Scoffham): "Nothing written in this review will demonstrate how great his voice and delivery are… The accompanying booklet is a classy 19-page write up by Paul Watts and is a fine read giving is all we need to know about the man and the recordings."

‘The Singles Collection 1954-62’ Roy Hamilton ACTRCD9076 (Blues & Rhythm, Issue 336, Tony Watson): "Expanding on Jasmine's double CD 52-tracker from 2010, the 80 tracks on this set will be embraced by the many collectors who appreciate Roy's golden voice… This excellent value set, with fine notes by Paul Watts, contains all the gems."

‘The Singles Collection 1954-62’ Roy Hamilton  ACTRCD9076 (In Tune, Issue 323, Gerry Stonestreet): "The collection is assembled with the usual care shown by the Acrobat label and I hope it does well although judging by the liner notes it seeks to position Hamilton as a kind of pre-soul pioneer rather than a standard era balladeer who never got the breaks he deserved."

‘The Marlene Dietrich Collection 1930-62’ FADCD2065 (In Tune, Issue 323, Gerry Stonestreet): “A good overview of her recording career, spanning 32 years, which covers the songs from her early films, her subsequent Columbia recordings of the 1950s and her latter day association with Burt Bacharach as her musical director… Despite the 'bargain' tag, the usual high production qualities Acrobat aspires to are present here in the form of a very informative essay on Dietrich and full discographical details."

‘The Marilyn Monroe Collection 1949-62’ FADCD2064 (In Tune, Issue 323, Gerry Stonestreet): "Obviously the best qualities of MM were best captured by the camera, but this is a fascinating and entertaining set…"

‘The Hits Collection 1938-53’ Harry James Orchestra  ACTRCD9075 (In Tune, Issue 323, Gerry Stonestreet): "71 tracks comprise just about all of the band's chart entries and the usual high production standards of Acrobat are very much in evidence here, with the personnel listing as part of the discography and a lengthy essay by Paul Watts."

‘Music In The Morgan Manner - The Hits Collection 1935-56’ Russ Morgan  ADDCD3277 (In Tune, Issue 323, Gerry Stonestreet): "The 50 tracks here, presented in chronological order, as is the usual case with Acrobat, document an outfit that hardly changed its approach throughout the decades but managed to retain widespread public appeal."

‘The Nat Gonella Collection 1930-62’ ACQCD7130 (In Tune, Issue 324, Gerry Stonestreet): "This is an outstanding four disc set compiled and annotated by Digby Fairweather, who also contributes an extremely informative essay extending to more than 40 pages on Gonella's life and times."

‘On A Clear Day – 'Live' 1974’ The Ronnie Scott Trio  ACMCD4397 (In Tune, Issue 324, Gerry Stonestreet): "This CD of previously unissued live performances from a country pub in Wiltshire, (The White Hart, Ford) affords a welcome opportunity to be reminded of his talents as a saxophonist and leader. There are only six tracks, however, they all receive lengthy workouts and the CD runs to 55 minutes. The scholarly essay by Simon Spillett that runs to nearly 40 pages in the accompanying booklet is almost worth the price of the CD alone. A very valuable release which adds more prestige to Acrobat's burgeoning jazz catalogue."

‘Sonny Rollins Plays The Blues’ ADDCD3273 (In Tune, Issue 324, Gerry Stonestreet): "The comprehensive liner notes by Simon Spillett set out in some detail the rationale for the set's issue and discuss his playing in some considerable detail, adding great value to the package as a whole. A very welcome and highly recommended compilation."

‘The Singles Collection 1950-60’ Big Joe Turner  ADDCD3275 (In Tune, Issue 324, Gerry Stonestreet): "His earlier work has been well covered by the companion Acrobat release THE ESSENTIAL FORTIES COLLECTION (ADDCD3069) and this set fills in the gaps before his return to a more jazz oriented repertoire."

‘The Singles & Albums Collection 1958-62’ The Miracles  ADDCD3264 (Now Dig This, Issue 429, Pete Bowen): "This collection covers The Miracles' singles and album tracks from 1958 to 1962 and most of it is really good, and occasionally amongst the finest singing of the 20th century… A fine collection."

‘The Complete Releases 1959-62’ The Shadows  ADDCD3268 (Now Dig This, Issue 429, Pete Bowen): "The release is enhanced by Paul Watts' extensive inlay card notes… This collection contains nothing that the ardent Shadows fan won't already have. For newbies, however, it's a fine way to pick up the group's early output a very modest price."

‘The Floyd Dixon Collection 1949-62’ ACTRCD9074 (Now Dig This, Issue 429, Pete Bowen): "This 3xCD collection covers Floyd's career from 1949 to 1962, but is not an attempt at a complete collection of his releases. Everything on this collection is good, with the reservations I have made about the sameyness of the slow tracks. He was really good and, with careful programming, this set contains a very large of talent, but especially CD3."

‘The Singles Collection 1954-62’  Roy Hamilton  ACTRCD9076 (Now Dig This, Issue 430, Pete Bowen): "For rock'n'rollers the uptempo minoritty are perfectly acceptable, if sometimes a little pop… but what a talent."

‘The Complete Releases 1958-62’   Johnny Tillotson  ADDCD3274 (Now Dig This, Issue 430, Eric Dunsdon): “There might not be a stampede of NDT readers for this release, which might be a little too sweet for some, but I have to say that I enjoyed it and hope that some fellow old teenagers might find it of interest for their 'secret pleasures' section, perhaps. The 19-page booklet by Paul Watts is good, too."

‘The Singles Collection 1950-60’ Big Joe Turner  ADDCD3275 (Now Dig This, Issue 430, Trevor Cajao): "Pretty much any Joe Turner collection is bound to get a thumbs-up from em, and this one is no exception. Let it roll like a big wheel…"

‘The Complete Singles As & Bs 1954-62’ Wanda Jackson  ADDCD3272 (Vintage Rock, Issue 39, John Howard): "This 58-track 2CD set tracks Wanda from a country cowgirl to her exalted title of Queen of Rockabilly. This release contains a detailed illustrated booklet…" *****

‘The Singles & Albums Collection 1957-62’ Jack Scott  ADDCD3265 (Vintage Rock, Issue 39, John Howard): "There have been a number of big-voiced Jack Scott compilations over the years, but few as comprehensive as this fine offering. He is still with us and his voice is in good shape. Buy this and see him when you can." *****

‘The Federal & King Singles As & Bs 1956-61’  James Brown & The Famous Flames  ADDCD3242 (Vintage Rock, Issue 39, John Howard): "There are numerous up-tempo gems among the 57 tracks spread across two CDs" ****

‘The Ivie Anderson Collection 1932-46’  ADDCD3267 (The Jazz Rag, Issue 154, Andrew Liddle): "As this stylish collection shows, Ivie Anderson has a lovely powerful voice, can swing with the best of them - with an unhurried delivery and deep sincerity whether performing blues, ballads or full-on jazz numbers. She was one of the first females to sophisticate the art of scatting and influenced all who followed."

‘The Classic Trio 1959-61’ The Bill Evans Trio  ADDCD3252 (The Jazz Rag, Issue 154, John Martin): "A fine illustration of this unique Trio's best work.. A must-have disc…"


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