Eric Burdon
Catalogue Number: ACMCD4221
UPC: 8240464221
Crawling King Snake/ Road/ Power Company/ Heartattack/ Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood/ Boom, Boom/ Don’t Bring Me Down/ It Hurts Me Too/ No More Elmore/ I’m Crying
Vintage UPC 824046026523
Canned Heat
Catalogue Number: FABCD265
UPC: 824046026523
Rollin' and Tumblin' Part One/ Big Road Blues/ Spoonful/ Got My Mojo Working/ Pretty Thing/ Louise/ Dimples/ Can't Hold On Much Longer/ Straight Ahead/ Rollin' And Tumblin' Part Two
Wind On The Water UPC 824046026929
Wind On The Water
Crosby & Nash
Catalogue Number: FABCD269
UPC: 824046026929
Carry Me/ Mamma Lion/ Bittersweet/ Take The Money And Run/ Naked In The Rain/ Love Work Out/ Low Down Payment/ Cowboy Of Dreams/ Homeward Through The Haze/ Fieldworker/ To The Last Whale: a) A Critical Mass b) Wind On The Water
An American Music Band UPC 824046014223
An American Music Band
The Electric Flag
Catalogue Number: FABCD142
UPC: 824046014223
It's Not The Spotlight/ I Was Robbed Last Night/ I Found Out/ Never Be Lonely Again/ Losing Game/ My Baby Wants To Test Me/ I Should Have Left Her/ You Don't Realise/ Groovin' Is Easy
The Whole Story:The Complete Authorised Anthology UPC 824046350420
The Whole Story:The Complete Authorised Anthology
Fishbaugh, Fishbaugh & Zorn
Catalogue Number: TRDCD3504
UPC: 824046350420
Love Comes Around/ Hint Of A Freeze/ I Owe Her My Life/ This Time Around/ Door Into Tomorrow/ Leave Me Alone (Let Me Rock And Roll)/ Rock 'n' Roll/ Spaced On Happy/ The Children Are Wandering/ Red (Became The Colour Of Spring)/ Sorrows From Your Dreams/ Sweet Sweet Music/ So Deep/ Everybody Get Out Of Bed/ Beginnings/ The Best Of Times/ Stuck In The Fog In London/ Ounce Of Prevention/ Drinkin' Wine/ Carnival/ Dance Hall Mama/ People/ Rainy Days Can Get You Down/ New York Is Sure A Funny City/ The Whole World Ought To Rock And Roll/ Honey/ Stuck In The Fog In London (alternative version)/ Beginnings (alternative version)
The Complete 70s Albums UPC 824046350321
The Complete 70s Albums
Melanie Harrold aka Joanna Carlin
Catalogue Number: TRDCD3503
UPC: 824046350321
Dancing In The Dark/ Valentino/ Laziest gal In Town/ Anyway My Guru Says No!/ The Hearse/ Sugar In My Bowl/ So Close/ Fancy/ I Wanna Roo You/ Honesty/ There's Something In The Way He Moves/ The First Time/ I LIve In The City/ Blue Angel/ Rudy/ Careless/ Beautiful & Damned/ Picture On The Wall/ Trade Winds/ Hard Luck Stories/ Simply I Love You/ What Are Friends For/ Let's Spend The Night Together
Cleared For Take-Off UPC 824046400125
Cleared For Take-Off
Jefferson Airplane
Catalogue Number: ACMCD4001
UPC: 824046400125
Let It Roll UPC 509790120031
Let It Roll
The Mustangs
Catalogue Number: BMMCD0203
UPC: 509790120031
Soft Top Down/ Just Let it Roll/ I Hate To See You Go/ All You Do Is Make Me Cry/ No Time For The Blues/ Al Capone/ Double Headed Romeo/ Prohibition Blues/ I See Red/ Old Mose Blues/ Done My Baby Wrong/ In Need Of You
Split Decision EAN13 5060062530285
Split Decision
The Mustangs
Catalogue Number: BMRCD20064
UPC: 5060062530285
Can't Find A Lover/ In Two Minds/ Livin' My Life Alone/ Take No More/ Baby Oh Baby/ Wired/ Over Too Soon/ Put The Lights Back On/ Leave A Man Alone/ I Can't Let Go/ The Eyes Don't Lie/ Blue Dawn Rising
Nothing Stays The Same EAN13 5060062530384
Nothing Stays The Same
The Mustangs
Catalogue Number: BMRCD20081
UPC: 5060062530384
Put Your Money On Me/ Look The Other Way/ What Are You Trying To Say?/ Looking Down The Well/ Taking My Water Upstairs/ Keep On Loving/ Long Distance Line/ Go Ahead/ Out Of Line/ Nights Like Those/ So Many Roads/ Good Luck Girl/ Nothing Stays The Same
Cut Loose EAN13 5032796022626
Cut Loose
The Mustangs
Catalogue Number: CBR0209
UPC: 5032796022626
Canada Eyes/ Sit With Me A While/ I'll Meet You Any Time/ Honey Rock/ More Or Less/ Dream The Day Away/ She Wants More/ Thunder In The Air/ Living With A Broken Heart/ No Good For The Soul/ Precious Time
Shaman And The Monkey EAN13 5060062530377
Shaman And The Monkey
The Mustangs
Catalogue Number: CBR0711
UPC: 5060062530377
The Line/ Didn't I Say/ Cracking Up/ Monkey On Your Back/ Shut It Down/ Highwire/ Reynolds Jam/ The Chancer/ Gotta Be Good/ Any Road Will Do/ Find Your Love/ Second Chance/ Too Much Is Never Enough
Rocking Horse EAN13 5021272082322
Rocking Horse
The Mustangs
Catalogue Number: RHR0804
UPC: 5021272082322
Rocking Horse/ Give Me Some Time/ Stuck With The Blues/ My Kind Of Woman/ Bitter Taste/ Empty Bottle/ Ring A Ding/ Baby You're In Charge/ River Man/ Too Much Too Soon/ She Came To Call/ This Town
Speed Of Love UPC 824046651022
Speed Of Love
The Mustangs
Catalogue Number: TRACD6510
UPC: 824046651022
Retail Shuffle/ Payback/ When God Met The Devil/ Sea Change/ Looking For A Reason/ Yours Sincerely/ Too Late For Changing/ Speed Of Love/ Cold Walk Home/ The Man And The Needle/ I Tried To Love You Too Much/ Move On
The Best Of The Mustangs UPC 824046651626
The Best Of The Mustangs
The Mustangs
Catalogue Number: TRACD6516
UPC: 824046651626
Double Headed Romeo  / Empty Bottle         / Can't Find A Lover    / Over Too Soon    / What Are You Trying To Say  / Nothing Stays The Same  / Put Your Money On Me  / Honey Rock    / Precious Time  / The Line    / Find Your Love    / Highwire    / Payback  / When God Met The Devil  / Too Late For Changing  / Yours Sincerely  / I 'Ll Meet You Anytime  / In Need Of You  
Just Passing Through UPC 824046651725
Just Passing Through
The Mustangs
Catalogue Number: TRACD6517
UPC: 824046651725
One Way Ticket/ Hiding From The Rain/ Fingerprints/ Beautiful Sleeper/ Just The Way It Is/ Because it's Time/ Cry No More/ Saturday Night/ What Lies Within/ Vinegar Fly/ Save My Soul/ From Somewhere To Nowhere/ How Short The Stay
One Night In The West UPC 824046850128
One Night In The West
The Mustangs
Catalogue Number: TRMCD8501
UPC: 824046850128
Put Your Money On Me/ I'll Meet You Any Time/ Medley: Dimples/Let It Roll/ Payback/ Medley: Hoochie Coochie Man/Looking Down The Well/Double Headed / Country Line Special/ When God Met The Devil/ Empty Bottle/ Medley: Prohibition Blues/Thunder In The Air/ No Good For The Soul/ Nothing Stays The Same
Love And Wine UPC 824046651121
Love And Wine
Adam Norsworthy
Catalogue Number: TRACD6511
UPC: 824046651121
Hold Up The Night/ Coming Back To You (To Say Goodbye)/ Ballad Of John And Angie/ Such A Fool For You/ Rider On The Mountain/ Speaking In Tongues/ Laces For My Shoes/ That's Alright With me/ Still Life/ My Father's Book's/ Two Lives/ In Your Stream
Live UPC 824046404925
Jesse Winchester
Catalogue Number: ACMCD4049
UPC: 824046404925
Payday/ Tell Me Why You Like Roosevelt/ Bowling Green/ Midnight Bus/ Nothing But A Breeze/ Defying Gravity/ Let The Rough Side Drag/ Seems Like Only Yesterday/ It Takes A Young Girl/ Black Dog/ Twigs And Seeds/ Isn't That So/ Brand New Tenessee Waltz/ Jambalaya/ Rhumba Man
Back For The Last Time Again UPC 824046350222
Back For The Last Time Again
Young & Moody
Catalogue Number: trdcd3502
UPC: 824046350222
Don't Wanna Lose You Now/ Someone Else's Door/ I Thought I'd Seen It All/ You Make It Roll/ Leave Well Alone/ Save All Your Loving (with Ray Minhinnet)/ Don't You Tell Me To Go/ Chicago Blue/ The Suitcase/ How Can I Help You Tonight/ San Francisco Bay Blues/ Trying Not To Notice/ I'll Be Back/ Chained To Love (feat. Willie Finlayson)/ Sunrise To Sunset/ Young And Moody/ Too Young To Feel This Way/ All The Good Friends/ Four Until Late/ The Devil Went Down To Georgia/ Caroline/ Just Close Your Eyes/ Warm Winds/ Playing Your Game/ El Paso Days/ Seventh Sea/ Blues Been Fun/ Don't Do That (feat. Lemmy, Cozy Powell, The Nolan Sisters, Ed H/ Straight To The Point/ Svensk Blues (with Ray Minhinnet)/ Fine Fine Fine/ Noon Time Lover/ I'm Going Away