The Clancy Brothers Collection 1956-62 UPC 824046309923
The Clancy Brothers Collection 1956-62
The Clancy Brothers with Tommy Makem
Catalogue Number: ADDCD3099
UPC: 824046309923
O'Donnell Aboo/ The Croppy Boy/ The Rising of the Moon/ The Foggy Dew/ The Minstrel Boy/ The Wind that Shakes the Barley/ Tipperary Far Away/ Kelly the Boy from Killanne/ Kevin Barry/ Whack Fol the Diddle/ The Men of the West/ Eamonn An Chnuic/ Nell Flaherty's Drake/ Boulavogue/ Whisky You're the Devil/ The Maid of the Sweet Brown Knowe/ The Moonshiner/ Bold Thady Quill/ Rosin the Bow/ Finnigan's Wake/ The Real Old Mountain Dew/ Courting in the Kitchen/ Mick McGuire/ A Jug of Punch/ Johnny McEldoo/ Cruiscin Lan/ Portlairge/ The Parting Glass/ Brennan on the Moor/ The Work of the Weavers/ The Stuttering Lovers/ Paddy Doyle's Boots/ The Maid of Fife-E-O/ The Bard of Armagh/ The Jug of Punch/ Roddy McCorley/ The Barnyards of Delgaty/ The Castle Of Dromore/ The Bold Tenant Farmer/ Ballinderry/ Bungle Rye/ Eileen Aroon/ Johnny I Hardly Knew You/ The Whistling Gypsy/ My Johnny Lad/ The Old Orange Flute/ Haul Away Joe/ Reilly's Daughter/ Bold O'Donahue/ I'll Tell My Ma/ Wild Mountain Thyme (Will Ye Go, Lassie, Go?)/ Rothsea-o/ Marie's Wedding/ Singin' Bird/ Holy Ground/ South Australia/ As I Roved Out/ McPherson's Lament/ The Wild Colonial Boy/ Shoals of Herring/ I Know Who Is Sick/ Old Woman From Wexford
The Great Dark Water UPC 824046650223
The Great Dark Water
Andrew Cronshaw
Catalogue Number: TRACD6502
UPC: 824046650223
The Voice of Silence/ The Wexford Carol/ Andro and his Cutty Gun/ A Galician Processional/ Harry Bloodgood's Famous Jig / The American Boot Dance/ The Blacksmith/ Fingal's Cave/ A Yowe Came to Our Door/ The Ship in Distress: The St.Kilda Rowing Song / Go the Sea No M/ Gentle Dark-eyed Mary/ Empty Places
Time To Reflect: A Personal Anthology UPC 824046150129
Time To Reflect: A Personal Anthology
Gordon Giltrap
Catalogue Number: TRQCD1501
UPC: 824046150129
Mrs Singer's Waltz/ Maddie Goes West/ Lakeland Memories/ Drifter/ James' Jig/ Ravensbourn/ Three Legged Horse/ The Long Road Home/ Deco Echo/ Circle Of Friends/ Triple Echo/ On Reflection/ Those Who Bring Sunshine/ On Tiptoe/ A Hint Of Blue/ John's Deckchair/ Under This Blue Sky/ Sing A Song Of Sixpence/ Here Comes The Sun/ At Giltrap's Bar/ Chambertin/ The Picnic/ The Racer/ Pedrolino/ Kaz/ Crossing The Border/ Secret Valentine/ Fell Runner/ Winterdance/ In Unison/ A Christmas Carol/ The Mariners Tale/ Blue Lady/ Lucky/ Elegy/ Spring Dance/ The Poacher/ Sallie's Song/ Storm Brewing/ Downwind/ Sleuth/ The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face/ Angie (Angelina)/ Running From Home/ Chambertin/ Blackwaterside/ Heartsong ('93 All Star Version)/ The Last Of England/ Shady Tales/ The Lords Seat/ Holiday Romance/ The Unbroken Promise/ Brutus/ The Carnival/ Hold The Back Page/ Sunburst/ Revelation Highway/ Indomitable/ Inunison/ Lucky/ Appalachian Dreaming/ Heartsong (Original Version)
The Complete 70s Albums UPC 824046350321
The Complete 70s Albums
Melanie Harrold aka Joanna Carlin
Catalogue Number: TRDCD3503
UPC: 824046350321
Dancing In The Dark/ Valentino/ Laziest gal In Town/ Anyway My Guru Says No!/ The Hearse/ Sugar In My Bowl/ So Close/ Fancy/ I Wanna Roo You/ Honesty/ There's Something In The Way He Moves/ The First Time/ I LIve In The City/ Blue Angel/ Rudy/ Careless/ Beautiful & Damned/ Picture On The Wall/ Trade Winds/ Hard Luck Stories/ Simply I Love You/ What Are Friends For/ Let's Spend The Night Together
The Kingston Trio Live UPC 824046019426
The Kingston Trio Live
The Kingston Trio
Catalogue Number: FABCD194
UPC: 824046019426
Tom Dooley/ Greenback Dollar/ The Tijuana Jail/ Where Have All The Flowers Gone/ Scotch And Soda/ The Lion Sleeps Tonight/ Early Mornin' Rain/ Baby, You've Been On My Mind/ Shape Of Things/ Hard, Ain't It Hard/ I'm Going Home/ Colours/ Hard Travellin'/ Tomorrow Is A Long Time/ Rovin' Gambler/ One Too Many Mornings/ Goodnight Irene/ M.T.A./ Get Away John/ When The Saints Go Marching In
What If UPC 824046651220
What If
Carrie Martin
Catalogue Number: TRACD6512
UPC: 824046651220
What If/ Jack/ White Feather/ Luna/ Taken/ My Love/ Your Eyes/ Wherever There Was Beauty/ Sand, Sea, Sky/ The Passing Of A Queen/ Butterflies/ Always
Love And Wine UPC 824046651121
Love And Wine
Adam Norsworthy
Catalogue Number: TRACD6511
UPC: 824046651121
Hold Up The Night/ Coming Back To You (To Say Goodbye)/ Ballad Of John And Angie/ Such A Fool For You/ Rider On The Mountain/ Speaking In Tongues/ Laces For My Shoes/ That's Alright With me/ Still Life/ My Father's Book's/ Two Lives/ In Your Stream
Which Side Are You On? UPC 824046516727
Which Side Are You On?
Pete Seeger
Catalogue Number: ACRCD167
UPC: 824046516727
Union Maid/ Washington Breakdown/ Talking Union/ Which Side Are You On/ Round And Round Hilter's Grave/ The Sinking Of The Reuben James/ C For Conscription/ Liza Jane/ All I Want/ Dear Mr. President/ Deliver The Goods/ Cindy/ Casey Jones/ Buffalo Girls/ Roll The Union On/ Talking Atom/ Newspaper Man/ Ground Hog