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Michael Hannah: The Lost Years
Michael Hannah: The Lost Years

Styles: Pop
Catalogue Number: ACFCD001
This long thought lost, previously unreleased album, recorded in the early 70’s was to be “Terry” hit maker Twinkle’s comeback after five years off the scene. Produced by Mike D’Abo and featuring such musicians as Jack Lancaster, the late Duncan Browne and Henry Spinetti, the album was inspired by, and eventually dedicated to, her long time boyfriend, model Michael Hannah. In the midst of the recording sessions Michael was tragically killed in a plane crash. The album was never released and for almost 30 years the tapes assumed lost but they had in fact been in the possession of her associate, David Evans. Over the years the album has acquired legendary status as so few test pressings were made. Now almost 30 years after its production, Twinkle’s comeback is available on CD. It reveals her as a talented and original songwriter who would probably have enjoyed a whole new career had tragedy not intervened.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 Michael Hannah Twinkle
2 Bowden House Twinkle
3 I Am A Woman Twinkle
4 Joanna Twinkle
5 Ladyfriend Twinkle
6 Days Twinkle
7 Caroline Twinkle
8 Jane Twinkle
9 Zefferelli Twinkle
10 Soldier Twinkle
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