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The 1954 British Hit Parade
The 1954 British Hit Parade

Various Artists
Styles: British Hit Parades
Catalogue Number: ACQCD7000
We have enjoyed great results on the two previous two volumes of our ongoing BRITISH HIT PARADE series. This 4CD set is the third in our yearly series and comprises every record that entered the UK chart from January 9th 1954 to December 18th 1954 in chronological order of entry with the exception of multiple versions of the same song where we have separated the different versions for ease of listening. 1954 was the year that saw the first signs of the Rock N Roll revolution. This album highlights the huge changes in music that were afoot with the entry into the charts of the first Americans to wake up the Industry. Later in the year, December, to be precise, the first true rock?n?roll record entered the chart ? Bill Haley and The Comets ? ?Shake Rattle And Roll?. Evidence of the coming of Rock and Roll is apparent in several other tracks though, especially ?Sh-Boom? by The Crewcuts and ?Mr. Sandman? by The Chordettes and Dickie Valentine. The track by Al Jolson impersonator, Norman Brooks who had his sole chart hit in 1954 with ?A Sky Blue Shirt And A Rainbow Tie? has its first appearance on CD. With the chart of October 2nd the listing is expanded to 20 places, thereby introducing a new phrase into everyday English ? The Top Twenty! The package comes with a 36 page fully illustrated booklet featuring the history of each and every track.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 Blowing Wild Frankie Laine
2 The Creep Ken Mackintosh
3 Oh Mein Papa Eddie Fisher
4 The Happy Wanderer Obernkitchen Children's Choir
5 That's Amore Dean Martin
6 Istanbul (Not Constantinople) Frankie Vaughan
7 Tennessee Wig Walk Bonnie Lou
8 Woman (Uh-Huh) Jose Ferrer,Rosemary Clooney
9 Man (Uh-Huh) Jose Ferrer,Rosemary Clooney
10 Ebb Tide Frank Chacksfield
11 Skin Deep Ted Heath
12 Don't Laugh At Me Norman Wisdom
13 Cuff Of My Shirt Guy Mitchell
14 The Book David Whitfield
15 I See The Moon The Stargazer
16 Sippin' Soda Guy Mitchell
17 Skin Deep Duke Ellington
18 Moonlight Serenade Glen Miller
19 Changing Partners Kay Starr
20 Bell Bottom Blues Alma Cogan
21 Changing Partners Bing Crosby
Disk 2:
Track Title Artist
1 Secret Love Doris Day
2 Granada Frankie Laine
3 Such A Night Johnny Ray
4 The Happy Wanderer The Stargazer
5 The Kid's Last Fight Frankie Laine
6 Tenderly Nat King Cole
7 Bimbo Ruby Wright
8 Dime & A Dollar Guy Mitchell
9 Friends & Neighbours Billy Cotton & His Band
10 Make Love To Me Jo Stafford
11 Someone Else's Roses Joan Regan
12 (The Gang That Sang) Heart Of My Heart Max Bygraves
13 Oh Baby Mine, I Get So Lonely The Four Knights
14 Wanted Perry Como
15 The Little Shoemaker Petula Clark
16 Cara Mia David Whitfield,Mantovani
17 Idle Gossip Perry Como
18 Little Things Mean A Lot Kitty Kallen
19 Wanted Al Martino
20 Young At Heart Frank Sinatra
21 Three Coins In The Fountain Frank Sinatra
Disk 3:
Track Title Artist
1 The Story Of Three Lovers Winifred Atwell
2 My Friend Frankie Laine
3 Black Hills Of Dakota Doris Day
4 Little Things That Mean A Lot Alma Cogan
5 Hold My Hand Don Cornell
6 Smile Nat King Cole
7 Three Coins In The Fountain The Four Aces
8 Gilly Gilly Ossenfeffer Katzenellen Bogen By The Sea Max Bygraves
9 West Of Zanzibar Anthony Steel & The Radio Revellers
10 The Story Of Tina Ronnie Harris
11 Sway Dean Martin
12 If I Give My Heart To You Doris Day,The Mellowmen
13 Sh Boom The Crew Cuts
14 If I Give My Heart To You Joan Regan
15 The Story Of Tina Al Martino
16 Make Her Mine Nat King Cole
17 There Must Be A Reason Frankie Laine
18 This Ole House Rosemary Clooney
19 My Son My Son Vera Lynn
20 Am I A Toy Or A Treasure Kay Starr
21 How Do You Speak To An Angel Dean Martin
Disk 4:
Track Title Artist
1 Rain Rain Rain Frankie Laine & The Four Lads
2 I Need You Now Eddie Fisher
3 This Ole House Billy Anthony,Eric Jupp
4 Wait For Me Darling Joan Regan & The Johnson Brothers
5 Endless Dickie Valentine
6 Santo Natale David Whitfield
7 No One But You Billy Eckstine
8 A Sky Blue Shirt & A Rainbow Tie Norman Brooks
9 Sh Boom Stan Freberg,The Toads
10 Let's Have Another Party Winifred Atwell
11 I Still Believe Ronnie Hilton
12 Heartbeat Ruby Murray
13 I Can't Tell A Waltz From A Tango Alma Cogan
14 Let's Get Together No.1 Big Ben Banjo Band
15 Papa Loves Mambo Perry Como
16 Veni Vidi Vici Ronnie Hilton
17 Finger Of Suspicion Dickie Valentine
18 Shake Rattle & Roll Bill Haley & The Comets
19 Mr. Sandman The Chordettes
20 Mambo Italiano Rosemary Clooney
21 Piano Medley No. 114 Charlie Kunz
22 Mr. Sandman Dickie Valentine
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