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The Complete Albums 1959-61
The Complete Albums 1959-61

Shelley Berman
Styles: Comedy
Catalogue Number: ACTRCD9063
Shelley Berman is one of the coterie of comedians who made the transition from the club stage to a recording contract and television shows during the late ’50s and early ’60s, around the same time as Bob Newhart, both of them employing similar techniques of depicting one end of a telephone conversation and a satirically observational raconteur style. Beginning life as a straight actor and then a sketch writer, before doing stand-up comedy, which earnt him a contract with the Verve label – he became the first stand-up comic to perform at Carnegie Hall. This 3-CD set, comprises the complete content of his first four albums for Verve, released between 1959 and 1961 – “Inside Shelley Berman”, “Outside Shelley Berman”, “The Edge Of Shelley Berman” and “A Personal Appearance” presented in chronological order. His debut album won the inaugural Grammy award for a non-musical recording, and was the first comedy recording to be certified gold. His oblique view on contemporary life through a series of narrative vignettes led one critic to observe that he “singlehandedly transformed modern neuroticism in high art”, playing on issues which challenged suburban sensibilities at a time of acute social change. For those who were around at the time, it’s a stimulating reminder of the comedy of that era, while for others it’s an enlightening insight into the development of modern satirical comedy.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 Child Psychologists Shelley Berman
2 Buttermilk Shelley Berman
3 The Morning After the Night Before (phone call) Shelley Berman
4 Small Embarrassing Moments Shelley Berman
5 Talking to a youngster on phone Shelley Berman
Disk 2:
Track Title Artist
1 Franz Kafka on the Telephone Shelley Berman
2 The Booking Agent Shelley Berman
3 Conversation With My Father Shelley Berman
4 P.T.A. Meeting Shelley Berman
5 First Date Shelley Berman
6 Alvin & Shirley Shelley Berman
Disk 3:
Track Title Artist
1 Alice B. Toklas Shelley Berman
2 Small Embarrassing Moments Shelley Berman
3 Outtakes of Child Psychologists Shelley Berman
4 A Sappy Thank You Shelley Berman
5 Slipping Table Napkin Shelley Berman
6 Television Advertising (It Shows It To You) Shelley Berman
7 Hotel Guest Shelley Berman
8 Conventioner (Making A Long Distance Call) Shelley Berman
9 Black Specks In A Glass Of Milk Shelley Berman
10 Movie Clichés Shelley Berman
11 Girl Who Has Lost Her Heel Shelley Berman
12 Meeting The Prospective In-Laws Shelley Berman
13 Conclusion (Including The Dentist) Shelley Berman
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