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Just Passing Through
Just Passing Through

The Mustangs
Styles: Blues, Rock
Catalogue Number: TRACD6517
This is the latest offering from British blues-rock band The Mustangs, their eleventh album in their fifteen-year career together as a working band. This album sees them developing their musical range yet further as it pursues the concept of a metaphorical train journey through love, life, faith and mortality. The album has already gathered pre-release reviews from respected blues-rock web sites, with Firebrand Radio calling it “an eclectic masterpiece” and Ross Muir at Fabrications HQ describing it as “conceptual, intelligent blues with a real warmth”. For those familiar with the Mustangs, this will only enhance their appreciation of the band, while the many musical surprises of this set will attract new fans. The band, as ever, will be continuing their touring activities, taking in the customary round of festivals during the summer, their profile enhanced by the recently-announced appointment of their drummer Jon Bartley to the post of joint leader of the Green Party. Further post-release reviews and airplay are likely to garner yet more critical acclaim.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 One Way Ticket The Mustangs
2 Hiding From The Rain The Mustangs
3 Fingerprints The Mustangs
4 Beautiful Sleeper The Mustangs
5 Just The Way It Is The Mustangs
6 Because it's Time The Mustangs
7 Cry No More The Mustangs
8 Saturday Night The Mustangs
9 What Lies Within The Mustangs
10 Vinegar Fly The Mustangs
11 Save My Soul The Mustangs
12 From Somewhere To Nowhere The Mustangs
13 How Short The Stay The Mustangs
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