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The Robert Nighthawk Collection 1937-52
The Robert Nighthawk Collection 1937-52

Robert Nighthawk
Styles: Blues
Catalogue Number: ADDCD3225
Robert Nighthawk, also known during the early years of his career by the name of Robert Lee McCoy, as well as other pseudonyms like Ramblin’ Bob and Peetie’s Boy, was a blues slide guitarist, singer and songwriter whose influence far outweighs the recognition and visibility his recordings have enjoyed in subsequent decades. Born in Arkansas, he was an itinerant musician, working in Memphis and St. Louis, before doing his first recordings for Bluebird in 1937 in Chicago, and continued his rambling lifestyle during what was a fitful recording career over the next fifteen years. Having recorded initially for Bluebird with Sonny Boy Williamson I (the original “Sonny Boy”) as Robert Lee McCoy and Ramblin’ Bob, he recorded in 1940 for Decca under the name Peetie’s Boy, and during the late ‘40s for Aristocrat and its later guise as Chess under the name Robert Nighthawk, taking the name from the best-known title from his first sessions “Prowlin’ Nighthawk”. His final recordings during this era were in 1951 and ’52 for the United and States labels. He was rediscovered during the ‘60s and enjoyed a brief revival before his death in 1967. This great-value 48-track 2-CD set comprises the main body of his significant recorded output under his own names, with noted performers like Speckled Red, Willie Dixon, Ernest Lane, Pinetop Smith and Ransom Knowling featured on his sessions, and is a showcase for the intense bottleneck style he developed as he made the transition from acoustic to electric guitar which charted the way for the likes of Elmore James and others, for whom he was a significant influence.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 Prowling Night Hawk Robert McCoy
2 Lonesome World Robert McCoy
3 Don't Mistreat Your Woman Robert McCoy
4 Sweet Pepper Mama Robert McCoy
5 G-Man Robert McCoy
6 Tough Luck Robert McCoy
7 Mean Black Cat Robert McCoy
8 I Have Spent My Bonus Robert McCoy
9 Mamie Lee Robert McCoy
10 Take It Easy Baby Robert McCoy
11 Brickyard Robert McCoy
12 My Friends Have Forsaken Me Robert McCoy
13 C.N.A. Robert McCoy
14 She's Got What It Takes Ramblin' Bob
15 Big Apple Blues Ramblin' Bob
16 Ol' Mose Ramblin' Bob
17 Every Day And Night Ramblin' Bob
18 Next Door Neighbor Robert McCoy
19 Good Gambling Robert McCoy
20 You're All I've Got To Live For Robert McCoy
21 Freight Train Blues Robert McCoy
22 Gonna Keep It For My Daddy Peetie's Boy & Ann Shorter
23 Mama Don't Allow Me To Stay Out All Night Long Peetie's Boy
24 Friars Point Blues Peetie's Boy
Disk 2:
Track Title Artist
1 Never Leave Me Ann Sortier
2 My Sweet Lovin' Woman Robert Nighthawk
3 Down The Line Robert Nighthawk
4 Handsome Lover Robert Nighthawk
5 She Knows How To Love A Man Robert Nighthawk
6 Annie Lee Blues The Nighthawks
7 Black Angel Blues The Nighthawks
8 Return Mail Blues Robert Nighthawk
9 Sugar Papa Robert Nighthawk
10 Six Three O Nighthawks
11 Jackson Town Gal Nighthawks
12 Good News Robert Nighthawk
13 Prison Bound Robert Nighthawk
14 Kansas City Blues Robert Nighthawk
15 Crying Won't Help You Robert Nighthawk
16 Feel So Bad Robert Nighthawk
17 Take It Easy Baby Robert Nighthawk
18 Nighthawk Boogie Robert Nighthawk
19 The Moon Is Rising Robert Nighthawk
20 Maggie Campbell Robert Nighthawk
21 Seventy Four Robert Nighthawk
22 Bricks In My Pillow Robert Nighthawk
23 US Boogie Robert Nighthawk
24 You Missed A Good Man Robert Nighthawk
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