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The Walter 'Furry' Lewis Collection 1927-61
The Walter 'Furry' Lewis Collection 1927-61

Walter 'Furry' Lewis
Styles: Blues
Catalogue Number: ADDCD3239
Walter “Furry” Lewis was one of the most successful of the early bluesmen to re-emerge during the folk-blues boom of the ‘50s and ‘60s and enjoy a second career as one of the elder statesmen of the genre. Born in the Mississippi delta in 1893, he moved to Memphis and developed a warm and expressive singing style, with a smooth and lyrical guitar approach that combined slide and finger-picking techniques as he played at parties, in bars and on street corners. In 1927 he headed to Chicago, and made his first recordings for Vocalion, followed by further titles for Victor the following year, and a few more for Vocalion in Memphis in 1929 before the Depression brought a halt to his recording career. He returned to sweeping the streets in Memphis and playing occasionally, until being rediscovered by music historian Samuel Charters in 1959, and recording a session for Folkways, which resulted in his first album release. There were further sessions in 1961 which led to albums on Prestige/Bluesville, establishing him on the burgeoning blues scene of the ‘60s, and enjoying a second career as a performer which lasted until his death in 1981. This great-value 46-track 2-CD set comprises most of the 53 recordings from the sessions mentioned which were released during the two eras covered, and it therefore captures in fascinating fashion the essence of his music as he expressed it across a gap of three decade, and it’s a fine showcase for one of the lesser-known, but important and intriguing personalities of blues.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 Rock Island Blues Furry Lewis
2 Everybody's Blues Furry Lewis
3 Jelly Roll Furry Lewis
4 Mr. Furry's Blues Furry Lewis
5 Sweet Papa Moan Furry Lewis
6 Billy Lyons And Stack O'Lee Furry Lewis
7 Good Looking Girl Blues Furry Lewis
8 Falling Down Blues Furry Lewis
9 Big Chief Blues Furry Lewis
10 Mean Old Bedbug Blues Furry Lewis
11 Why Don't You Come Home Blues Furry Lewis
12 Judge Harsh Blues (Tk. 2) Furry Lewis
13 I Will Turn Your Money Green (Tk. 2) Furry Lewis
14 Mistreatin' Mama Furry Lewis
15 Furry's Blues Furry Lewis
16 Dry Land Blues Furry Lewis
17 Cannon Ball Blues Furry Lewis
18 Kassie Jones - Part 1 Furry Lewis
19 John Henry (The Steel Driving Man) Part 1 Furry Lewis
20 Black Gypsy Blues Furry Lewis
21 Creeper's Blues Furry Lewis
22 I'm Going To Brownsville Furry Lewis
23 Early Recording Career (FL talking)    Furry Lewis
24 Judge Boushay Blues    Furry Lewis
25 John Henry    Furry Lewis
Disk 2:
Track Title Artist
1 I Will Turn Your Money Green    Furry Lewis
2 Pearlee Blues    Furry Lewis
3 Longing Blues Furry Lewis
4 The Medicine Shows (FL talking)    Furry Lewis
5 Casey Jones    Furry Lewis
6 East St. Louis Blues    Furry Lewis
7 When My Baby Left Me    Furry Lewis
8 Shake 'Em On Down    Furry Lewis
9 Big Chief Blues    Furry Lewis
10 Old Blue    Furry Lewis
11 Back On My Feet Again    Furry Lewis
12 White Lightnin'    Furry Lewis
13 Roberta    Furry Lewis
14 St. Louis Blues    Furry Lewis
15 Baby You Don't Want Me    Furry Lewis
16 Done Changed My Mind    Furry Lewis
17 Goin' to Kansas City    Furry Lewis
18 This Time Tomorrow    Furry Lewis
19 Frankie and Johnnie    Furry Lewis
20 Longing Blues    Furry Lewis
21 Long Tall Gal Blues    Furry Lewis
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