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The Floyd Dixon Collection 1949-62
The Floyd Dixon Collection 1949-62

Floyd Dixon
Styles: Blues, R&B
Catalogue Number: ACTRCD9074
Floyd Dixon was a top flight blues and R&B pianist and versatile vocalist who enjoyed his heyday during the late’40s and through the ‘50s, his music evolving as rock ‘n’ roll transformed the landscape of popular music, and forged a second career as a popular elder statesman of the genre in later decades. Making his recording debut with other leaders’ bands, he signed a solo deal with the Modern label in 1949 he immediately made a Top 10 impact in the R&B charts with “Dallas Blues” following up with another hit “Mississippi Blues”. He subsequently recorded for the Aladdin label, replacing Charles Brown in Johnny Moore’s Three Blazers, scoring his biggest hits for that label in 1951-2, making the Top 10 with “Sad Journey Blues” and the Top 5 with “Telephone Blues and “Call Operator 210”. This great value 77-track 3-CD set comprises most of the A & B sides of his releases on Modern, Peacock, Aladdin, Specialty, Cat, Checker, Ebb, Cash, Kent, Swingin’, Duchess & Dodge labels during these years which represent the most important era of his career, and also includes early recordings with Eddie Williams & His Brown Buddies and Sonny Parker & His Allstars for the Supreme label. It naturally includes all his R&B chart entries. It represents a substantial cross-section of his work, underlining his ability to work in a variety of different blues and R&B styles, and provides a thoroughly entertaining one of the genre’s significant talents who has not received the attention he merits.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 Houston Jump Eddie Williams & His Brown Buddies
2 Red Head 'n' Cadillac Eddie Williams & His Brown Buddies
3 Broken Hearted Eddie Williams & His Brown Buddies
4 Pretty Baby Sonny Parker & His Allstars
5 I Want A Little Girl Sonny Parker & His Allstars
6 Sad Feeling Sonny Parker & His Allstars
7 Dallas Blues Floyd Dixon
8 Helen Floyd Dixon
9 That'll Get It Floyd Dixon Trio
10 Till I Grow Old Floyd Dixon Trio
11 Mississippi Blues Floyd Dixon's Trio
12 Drafting Blues Floyd Dixon's Trio
13 Milky White Way Floyd Dixon
14 Forever and Ever Floyd Dixon Trio
15 Cow Town Floyd Dixon Trio
16 Gloomy Baby Floyd Dixon
17 Roamin' Around Floyd Dixon
18 Shuffle Boogie Floyd Dixon
19 I’ll Be Lonely Floyd Dixon Trio
20 It’s Getting Foggy Floyd Dixon Trio
21 Baby Come Home Floyd Dixon
22 Play Boy Blues Floyd Dixon
23 Doin' the Town Floyd Dixon
24 You Made a Fool of Me Floyd Dixon
Disk 2:
Track Title Artist
1 Walkin' And Talkin' Blues Floyd Dixon With Johnny Moore's Three Blazers
2 Girl Fifteen Floyd Dixon With Johnny Moore's Three Blazers
3 She's Understanding Floyd Dixon
4 Sad Journey Blues Floyd Dixon
5 San Francisco Blues Floyd Dixon
6 Empty Stocking Blues Floyd Dixon
7 Telephone Blues Floyd Dixon & Johnny Moore with Johnny Moore's Three Blazers
8 Real Lovin' Mama Floyd Dixon & Johnny Moore with Johnny Moore's Three Blazers
9 Let's Dance Floyd Dixon
10 We'll Be Together Floyd Dixon
13 Rockin' At Home Floyd Dixon
14 Pleasure Days Floyd Dixon
15 Don't Cry Now, Baby Floyd Dixon
16 I'm So Worried Floyd Dixon
17 Time And Place Floyd Dixon & Three Blazers
18 Do I Love You Floyd Dixon & Three Blazers
19 Baby, Let's Go Down To The Woods Floyd Dixon
20 Too Much Jelly Roll Floyd Dixon
21 Bad Neighborhood Floyd Dixon
22 Blues For Cuba Floyd Dixon W Johnny Moore
23 Call Operator 210 Floyd Dixon
24 Wine, Wine, Wine Floyd Dixon
25 The River Floyd Dixon And His Band
26 Red Cherries Floyd Dixon And His Band
27 Tired, Broke, And Busted Floyd Dixon
Disk 3:
Track Title Artist
1 Come Back Baby Floyd Dixon
2 You Played Me For A Fool Floyd Dixon
3 Broken Hearted Traveler Floyd Dixon & Three Blazers
4 Married Woman Blues Floyd Dixon
5 Lovin' Brought Me Into This World Floyd Dixon & Three Blazers
6 You Need Me Now Floyd Dixon & Three Blazers
7 A Long Time Ago Floyd Dixon & Three Blazers
8 Please Don't Go  Floyd Dixon
9 Hard Living Alone Floyd Dixon
10 Hole In The Wall  Floyd Dixon
11 Old Memories Floyd Dixon
12 Nose Trouble  Floyd Dixon
13 Ooh-Eee! Ooh-Eee! Floyd Dixon
14 Moonshine Floyd Dixon
15 Roll Baby Roll Floyd Dixon
16 Hey Bartender Floyd Dixon
17 I'm Ashamed of Myself Floyd Dixon
18 Alarm Clock Blues Floyd Dixon
19 What Is Life Without A Home Floyd Dixon
20 Ooh Little Girl Floyd Dixon
21 Oh Baby Floyd Dixon
22 Never Can Tell Floyd Dixon
23 Dance The Thing Floyd Dixon Orchestra
24 Tight Skirts Floyd Dixon
25 Wake Up And Live Floyd Dixon
26 Go Back To Your Mother Floyd Dixon
27 Girl Down In New Orleans Floyd Dixon
28 Opportunity Blues Floyd Dixon
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