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The Charley Jordan Collection 1930-37
The Charley Jordan Collection 1930-37

Charley Jordan
Styles: Blues
Catalogue Number: ADDCD3304
Guitarist, singer and songwriter Charley Jordan was a popular and important figure of the St. Louis blues scene along with pianist Peetie Wheatstraw, with whom he regularly collaborated as both ‘live’ performer and on his occasional visits to the studio. Born in Arkansas, he had a high-spirited vocal delivery, and a deft touch as guitarist, primarily in what came to be called the Piedmont style, which made him a popular accompanist for other artists. His career was affected by a shooting incident in 1928 resulting from his parallel career as a bootlegger, which injured his spine and resulted in his permanently using crutches thereafter. This great-value 47-track 2-CD set comprises most of his recordings for Vocalion under his own name which are extant and of acceptable quality, plus recordings as Uncle Skipper for Decca, some of which feature Peetie Wheatstraw, plus recordings he made accompanying other artists - St. Louis Bessie, ‘Hi’ Henry Brown, Verdi Lee as well as one recordings under Wheatstraw’s name. He was by no means one of the figures of the blues, but this is an interesting and entertaining insight into the kind of music played in St. Louis, and a worthy showcase for a distinctive talent.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 Keep It Clean Charley Jordan
2 Big Four Blues Charley Jordan
3 Raidin' Squad Blues Charley Jordan
4 Hunkie Tunkie Blues Charley Jordan
5 Just A Spoonful Charley Jordan
6 Two Street Blues Charley Jordan
7 Running Mad Blues Charley Jordan
8 Gasoline Blues Charley Jordan
9 Stack O'Dollars Blues Charley Jordan
10 Dollar Bill Blues Charley Jordan
11 Sugar Man Blues Part 1 St. Louis Bessie
12 My "Lovin' Good" Blues Charley Jordan
13 Tough Times Blues Charley Jordan
14 So Soon Peetie Wheatstraw
15 Keep It Clean No. 2 Charley Jordan
16 You Run and Tell Your Daddy Charley Jordan
17 Mama's Advice Peetie Wheatstraw
18 Cheating Blues Charley Jordan
19 Starvation Blues Charley Jordan
20 Tight Haired Mama Blues Charley Jordan
21 Days Of The Weeks Blues Charley Jordan
22 Lost Ship Blues Charley Jordan
23 Hungry Blues Charley Jordan
Disk 2:
Track Title Artist
1 Santa Claus Blues Charley Jordan
2 Greyhound Blues Charley Jordan
3 Bad Breaks Blues Charley Jordan
4 Nut Factory Blues "Hi" Henry Brown
5 Skin Man Blues "Hi" Henry Brown
6 Cherry Wine Woman Charley Jordan
7 Hell Bound Boy Blues Charley Jordan
8 Hospital Blues "Hi" Henry Brown
9 Honey Sucker Blues Charley Jordan
10 Titanic Blues "Hi" Henry Brown
11 Preacher Blues "Hi" Henry Brown
12 Bottle Passing Blues Charley Jordan
13 Rolling Moon Blues Charley Jordan
14 It Ain't Clean (That Thing Ain't Clean) Charley Jordan
15 Tight Times Blues Charley Jordan
16 Christmas Tree Blues Verdi Lee And Charley Jordan
17 Christmas Christmas Blues Charley Jordan
18 Get It If You Can Verdi Lee And Charley Jordan
19 No Christmas Blues Mary Harris
20 Happy New Year Blues Mary Harris
21 Chifferobe Uncle Skipper
22 Cutting My A B C's Uncle Skipper
23 Twee Twee Twa Uncle Skipper
24 Look What A Shape I'm In (Bonus Blues) Uncle Skipper
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