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The Singles & Albums Collection 1958-62
The Singles & Albums Collection 1958-62

Annette Funicello
Styles: Pop
Catalogue Number: ADDCD3325
Annette Funicello, known during her early career simply as “Annette”, was an actress and singer who began her career as a child performer with the Walt Disney Mouseketeers on the TV show “The Mickey Mouse Club”, which led to her performing in movies and becoming a recording artist on the Disneyland and Buena Vista labels. Making her initial chart impact with the Top 10 hit “Tall Paul” in 1959, she had another ten hits through to the start of the 1960s, mostly in the teen style which she projected through her on-screen appearances, later becoming a star of beach movies during the ‘second phase of her career. This great-value 65-track 2-CD set comprises the A & B sides of her singles on the Disneyland and Buena Vists labels during this time, plus the tracks from her albums “Annette”, “Annette Sings Anka”, “Hawaiiannette” and “Italiannette” not otherwise released on singles, with selected tracks from “Dance Annette”. It includes her duet single with Tommy Sands from the 1961 movie “The Parent Trap”, plus songs from her movies and TV shows “Babes In Toyland”, “The Horsemasters” and “Escapade In Florence”. It features all her career hits including “Tall Paul”, “First Name Initial”, “O Dio Mio” and “Pineapple Princess”. Her records captured a particular strand of teen entertainment from this era, and are very evocative of their times.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 How Will I Know My Love Annette
2 Don't Jump To Conclusions Annette
3 That Crazy Place From Outer Space Annette
4 Gold Doubloons and Pieces Of Eight Annette
5 Tall Paul Annette and the Afterbeats
6 Ma, He's Making Eyes At Me Annette and the Afterbeats
7 Jo Jo The Dog Faced Boy Annette
8 Love Me Forever Annette
9 Lonely Guitar Annette
10 Wild Willie Annette
11 Especially For You Annette
12 My Heart Became Of Age Annette with the Afterbeats
13 First Name Initial Annette with the Afterbeats
14 O Dio Mio Annette
15 It Took Dreams Annette
16 Train Of Love Annette with the Afterbeats
17 Tell Me Who's The Girl Annette
18 Pineapple Princess Annette with the Afterbeats
19 Luau Cha Cha Cha Annette with the Afterbeats
20 Talk To Me Baby Annette with the Afterbeats
21 I Love You Baby Annette with the Afterbeats
22 Dream Boy Annette with the Afterbeats
23 Please Please Signore Annette
24 Indian Giver Annette With The Upbeats
25 Mama Mama Rosa (Where's The Spumoni) Annette
26 The Parent Trap Annette & Tommy Sands
27 Let's Get Together Annette & Tommy Sands
28 Hawaiian Love Talk Annette With The Afterbeats Plus Four
29 Blue Muu Muu Annette With The Afterbeats Plus Four
30 Dreamin' About You Annette And The Vonnair Sisters
31 Strummin' Song Annette And The Vonnair Sisters
32 The Truth About Youth Annette
Disk 2:
Track Title Artist
1 I Can't Do The Sum Annette
2 My Little Grass Shack Annette
3 Hukilau Song Annette
4 He's My Ideal Annette
5 Mister Piano Man Annette
6 Bella Bella Florence Annette And Gianni Marzocchi
7 Teenage Wedding Annette
8 Walkin' and Talkin' Annette
9 Teddy Annette
10 I Love You Annette
11 Hey Mama Annette
12 Lonely Girl Annette
13 Like A Baby Annette
14 Tell Me That You Love Me Annette
15 Waiting For You Annette
16 It's Really Love Annette
17 And So It's Goodbye Annette
18 Blue Hawaii Annette
19 Song Of The Islands (Na Lei O'Hawaii) Annette
20 Now Is The Hour Annette
21 Date Night In Hawaii Annette
22 Holiday In Hawaii Annette
23 Aloha Oe Annette
24 Italiannette Annette
25 Gotta Lotta Love Annette
26 Mia Cara, Mia Amore Annette
27 Lucky, Lucky Annette
28 That's Amore Annette
29 Vieni Vieni Annette
30 There's No Tomorrow Annette
31 Dance Annette Annette
32 Rock-A-Charleston (Flapper Flip) Annette
33 Ballin' The Jack Annette
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