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The Johnny Desmond Singles Collection 1939-58
The Johnny Desmond Singles Collection 1939-58

Johnny Desmond
Styles: Easy Listening, Pop
Catalogue Number: ADDCD3390
Born Giovanni Alfredo De Simone in Detroit 1919, Johnny Desmond was one of the substantial cohort of Italian-American crooners, most notably Frank Sinatra, who were such an important part of the popular music of the post-war era. He studied music before turning to night-club singing, and in 1939 formed a vocal trio called The Downbeats, changing their name to the Bob-O-Links when they joined Bob Crosby’s Orchestra, with whom he had two hits before joining Gene Krupa as featured vocalist, and had another hit with Krupa. He was with Glenn Miller’s military orchestra during WWII, returning to showbiz as a solo singer after the war, and forged a successful career, having hits through into the rock ‘n’ roll era, although he never attempted to compete in that musical metier. This 50-track 2-CD set comprises a few recordings with the bands of Bob Crosby and Gene Krupa, along with selected A & B sides of his singles on the RCA-Victor, MGM and Coral labels during this era, including recordings with Don Cornell, Alan Dale, Buddy Greco, Eileen Barton, The McGuire Sisters, Jane Russell and Monica Lewis. It features all his 20 and more career chart entries, including the Top 10 hits “Woman”, “Play Me Hearts And Flowers”, “The Yellow Rose Of Texas” and “The Gang That Sang Heart Of My Heart”. It’s a varied showcase for his talents as a big band vocalist, top class ballad singer, novelty pop singer, and skilled interpreter of the repertoire typical of the era, and an entertaining introduction to an artist who has not had the attention which his success merits.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 You Forgot About Me Bob Crosby & His Orchestra with The Bob-O-Links
2 Do You Care Bob Crosby & His Orchestra with The Bob-O-Links
3 Two In Love Gene Krupa Orchestra with Johnny Desmond & Anita O'Day
4 All Those Wonderful Years Gene Krupa Orchestra with Johnny Desmond
5 Don't You Remember Me? Johnny Desmond
6 Do You Love Me? Johnny Desmond
7 I Don't Know Enough About You Johnny Desmond
8 Guilty Johnny Desmond
9 P.S I Love You Johnny Desmond
10 While The Angelus Was Ringing (Los Trois Cloches) Johnny Desmond
11 Four Winds And The Seven Seas Johnny Desmond
12 Don't Cry Joe (Let Her Go) Johnny Desmond
13 C'est Si Bon Johnny Desmond With The Quintones
14 Picnic Song Johnny Desmond
15 Just Say I Love Her Johnny Desmond
16 A Bushel And A Peck Johnny Desmond
17 Too Young Johnny Desmond
18 Because Of You Johnny Desmond
19 Mr And Mississippi Johnny Desmond
20 I'm Glad I Gave It Up For You Johnny Desmond & Monica Lewis
21 I Want To Be Near You Johnny Desmond
22 Hands Across The Table Johnny Desmond
23 Festival Johnny Desmond
Disk 2:
Track Title Artist
1 Trying Johnny Desmond
2 Nina Never Knew Johnny Desmond
3 Stay Where You Are Johnny Desmond
4 Woman Johnny Desmond
5 The Gang That Sang "Heart Of My Heart" Don Cornell, Alan Dale and Johnny Desmond
6 Pine Tree, Pine Over Me Johnny Desmond, Eileen Barton & the McGuire Sisters
7 Cling To Me Johnny Desmond, Eileen Barton & the McGuire Sisters
8 The Zoo Johnny Desmond
9 East Side, West Side Alan Dale, Johnny Desmond and Buddy Greco
10 Backward, Turn Backward Johnny Desmond and Jane Russell
11 The High And The Mighty Johnny Desmond
12 A Wife Eileen Barton and Johnny Desmond
13 My Own True Love Johnny Desmond
14 The Song From Desiree Johnny Desmond
15 Play Me Hearts And Flowers Johnny Desmond
16 Togetherness Johnny Desmond
17 It's A Sin To Tell A Lie Johnny Desmond
18 Learnin' The Blues Johnny Desmond
19 This Too Shall Pass Johnny Desmond
20 The Yellow Rose Of Texas Johnny Desmond
21 I'm So Glad Johnny Desmond
22 Sixteen Tons Johnny Desmond
23 Never Again Johnny Desmond
24 A Girl Named Mary Johnny Desmond & Lawrence Welk & His Champagne Music
25 I Just Want You To Want Me Johnny Desmond
26 A White Sport Coat Johnny Desmond
27 Anniversary Song Johnny Desmond & Lawrence Welk & His Champagne Music
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