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Divas Sing The Blues
Divas Sing The Blues

Various Artists
Styles: Blues
Catalogue Number: ACRCD139
A selection of pre-war female Blues singers accompanied by hot jazz bands of the day. The most famous artists here is certainly Bessie smith whose influence pervades most of the recordings that followed her initial success. Also featured are Blue Lu Barker with her original recording of ?Don?t You Feel My Leg? and the Chicago based guitarist Memphis Minnie. This CD is the perfect introduction to the unique sounds of the classic Blues singers.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 Don't Come Over Stella Johnson, Dorothy Scott's Rhythm Boys
2 Pussy Cat Pussy Cat Hannah May
3 Gas Man Blues Mae Glover
4 Need A Little Sugar In My Bowl Bessie Smith
5 My Daddy Rocks Me (#2) Trixie Smith
6 Steady Grindin' Dorothea Trowbridge
7 My Man O' War Lizzie Miles
8 In Here With Your Heavy Stuff Isabel Sykes
9 Meat Balls Lil Johnson
10 Dirty Mother For You Memphis Minnie
11 I Got What My Daddy Likes Marilyn Scott
12 Show Me What You Got Kansas City Kitty
13 Press My Button / Ring My Bell Lil Johnson
14 Coffee Grindin' Blues Lucille Bogan
15 Electrician Blues Lizzie Miles
16 My Stove's In Good Good Condition Lil Johnson
17 Milk Man Blues Yas Yas Girls
18 I Ain't Gonna Let You See My Santa Claus Victoria Spivey And Her Chicago Four
19 Ball Game Blues Minnie Mathes
20 Was I Lil Johnson
21 My Handy Man Victoria Spivey, Clarence Williams' Blues Five
22 Streamline Blues Streamline Mae
23 Deep Sea Diver Kansas Katie
24 Don't You Feel My Leg Blue Lu Barker with Danny Barker's Sextette
25 Hot Nuts Swing Dorothy Scott's Rhythm Boys
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