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California Boppers
California Boppers

Various Artists
Styles: Jazz
Catalogue Number: ACRCD143
Although primarily associated with New York the 40?s Bop movement was developing all across America. These 24 tracks illustrate the immense contribution made to the genre by such West Coast recording icons such as Lionel Hampton, Dizzy Gillespie, Dodo Marmarosa and Howard McGhee.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 Tempo's Boogie The Lionel Hampton Orchestra
2 Early Boyd The Benny Carter Orchestra
3 Atom Buster Kessel's All Stars
4 Stardust Howard McGhee
5 Slide, Hamp, Slide The Lionel Hampton Orchestra
6 Hello Goodbye Forget It The Jimmy Mundy Orchestra
7 How High The Moon Dodo Marmarosa
8 I Surrender Dear Dodo Marmarosa
9 Bugle Call Rag The Wilbert Baranco Orchestra
10 Cruisin' With Cab The Gerald Wilson Orchestra
11 Diggin' For Diz The Dizzy Gillespie Jazzmen
12 When I Grow Too Old To Dream The Dizzy Gillespie Jazzmen
13 Airmail Special The Jimmy Mundy Orchestra
14 Fiesta In Brass The Jimmy Mundy Orchestra
15 Trumpet At Tempo Howard McGhee
16 Thermodynamics Howard McGhee
17 Jump Call The Benny Carter Orchestra
18 Oofdah! The Benny Carter Orchestra
19 Adam Blew His Hat The Lionel Hampton Orchestra
20 Hamp's Walkin' Boogie The Lionel Hampton Orchestra
21 Midnight At Minton's Howard McGhee
22 High Wind In Hollywood Howard McGhee
23 The Man I Love Wardell Gray
24 Dell's Bells Wardell Gray
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