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Classic Stand-Up - The Early Years Collection 1946-60
Classic Stand-Up - The Early Years Collection 1946-60

Redd Foxx
Styles: Comedy
Catalogue Number: ACTRCD9122
Redd Foxx, real name John Elroy Sanford, became well-known in the USA as a stand-up comedian during the 1950s, developing a raunchy night-club act on the east coast and finding fame when Dinah Washington invited him to perform in Las Vegas and he was seen, and signed, by Dootsie Williams of Dootone Records, for whom he released a string of highly-successful ‘live’ albums. He later had a successful TV career, starring the situation comedy “Sanford & Son”, with overt racial humour that helped redefine the genre of black situation comedy. This 3-CD collection of selected live recordings from his early years with Dootone features the entire “Laff Of The Party Vol. 1” album, a number of tracks from his “Best Of” album culled from other “Laff Of The Party” volumes, plus the complete “Burlesque Humour”, “Side Splitter Vols 1 & 2” and “Sly Sex” albums, along with one side of the album “Have One On Me”. Also included are a couple of his early singles for Savoy when he was a jump blues singer. As the comedy albums were all ‘live’ recordings, most of them comprise complete continuous sides of LPs, with no separate tracks. Some of the material is risqué and close-to-the-edge for its time, as was his style. It’s a collection which offers a window on a strand of humour which is maybe not widely known, but has a substantial following among aficionados.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 Let's Wiggle A Little Woogie Redd Foxx with Kenny Watts' Brooklyn Buddies
2 Shame On You Redd Foxx with Kenny Watts' Hot Five
3 Backward Conscious Redd Foxx
4 The Sneezes Redd Foxx
5 Song Plugging Redd Foxx
6 The New Soap Redd Foxx
7 The Honeymooners Redd Foxx
8 The Politician Redd Foxx
9 The Jackasses Redd Foxx
10 The Race Track Redd Foxx
11 Jealous Bartender Redd Foxx
12 Women Over 40 Redd Foxx
13 I Turned To Stone Redd Foxx
14 The Nut And The Flat Tire Redd Foxx
15 Chloe Redd Foxx
16 My Greatest Thrill Redd Foxx
Disk 2:
Track Title Artist
1 Grape Skins Redd Foxx
2 The Soldiers Redd Foxx
3 Take Your Life Redd Foxx
4 Custard Pie Redd Foxx
5 Fun In Crazy House Redd Foxx
6 Burlesque Humour Side 1 Redd Foxx
7 Burlesque Humour Side 2 Redd Foxx
8 Side Splitter Vol. 1 Side 1 Redd Foxx
9 Side Splitter Vol. 1 Side 2 Redd Foxx
Disk 3:
Track Title Artist
1 Side Splitter Vol. 2 Side 1 Redd Foxx
2 Side Splitter Vol. 2 Side 2 Redd Foxx
3 Sly Sex Side 1 Redd Foxx
4 Sly Sex Side 2 Redd Foxx
5 Have One On Me Side 1 Redd Foxx
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