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Harlem Blues
Harlem Blues

Various Artists
Styles: Blues
Catalogue Number: ACRCD155
Throughout the 20?s, 30?s and 40?s Harlem was the aspirational home of most of America?s Black community. It was the source of the literary and artistic wealth of the Black community. This CD celebrates the many Blues recordings and artists whose careers were linked to that area of New York City between 1923 and 1948.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 Down Hearted Blues Bessie Smith
2 Atlanta Blues Sara Martin
3 When A 'Gator Hollers Folks Say It's A Sign Of Rain Margaret Johnson
4 Murder In The First Degree Victoria Spivey
5 Need More Blues Leecan & Cooksey
6 Cross Eyed Blues Helen Humes
7 North Bound Blues Maggie Jones
8 He Likes It Slow Butterbeans & Susie
9 Gone Dry Blues Pinewood Tom (Josh White)
10 Railroad Blues Lem Johnson
11 I've Got Too Many Blues Mabel Robinson
12 When The Breath Bids The Body Goodbye Connie McLean
13 Whip It To A Jelly Yack Taylor
14 Roll 'Em Pete Joe Turner
15 Mr Freddie Blues Bea Booze
16 Big "D" Blues Hot Lips Page
17 The Boogie Woogie Girl Christine Chatman
18 Albinia's Blues Albinia Jones
19 Brownie's Guitar Boogie Brownie McGhee
20 4-F Blues Rubberlegs Williams
21 Bad Whiskey And Women Champion Jack Dupree
22 South West Pacific Blues Sonny Boy & Lonnie
23 Water Trough Blues Jelly Belly & Guitar Slim
24 Shake Your Stuff Little Boy Fuller
25 Harlem Women Hank Kilroy
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