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R.B. Greaves
R.B. Greaves

R.B. Greaves
Styles: Soul
Catalogue Number: ACRCD195
R.B.Greaves began his career in England in 1965 as Sonny Childe signed variously to Decca and Polydor. He had moved to America by the end of the decade where he signed to Atlantic and enjoyed a major hit record, “Take A Letter, Maria” in 1970. Seven years later he produced this album for the short lived Bareback label. All 10 tracks are written by Greaves, who has a way with both lyrics and music reminiscent of “Drift Away” hit maker, Dobie Gray - a perfect mix of soul music with some distinct country undertones. That is perfectly illustrated by the tale of infidelity that is “Who’s Watching The Baby (Margie)” a minor US hit in 1977. This long sought after collector’s item is making its debut on CD.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 Who's Watching The Baby (Margie) R.B. Greaves
2 Lady Linda R.B. Greaves
3 Mary R.B. Greaves
4 Home To Home R.B. Greaves
5 Hollywood It's Me R.B. Greaves
6 Back In Georgia R.B. Greaves
7 Let Me Be The One Tonight R.B. Greaves
8 What's All The Fuss R.B. Greaves
9 The Gods Watch It All R.B. Greaves
10 Rock 'n' Roll R.B. Greaves
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