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Streetwise Greatest 12" Mixes Vol. 1
Streetwise Greatest 12" Mixes Vol. 1

Various Artists
Catalogue Number: ACXCD8001
Streetwise was one of the seminal dance labels of the Eighties, responsible, with its subsidiary imprint Partytime, for several important and influential examples of the Dance genre. Several of its releases were indicative of the directions that both dance and R&B would take over the next few years. The signing of vocal group New Edition and their resulting hit “Candy Girl” is generally acknowledged as the beginning of the boy band phenomenon, and the label's last hit, “Music Is The Answer”, was also a key element in the rise of House music. The label lasted for only a few years before falling victim to its own success and the related success of its owners, especially revered producer and remixer, Arthur Baker. Here is a selection of Streetwise’s greatest 12” mixes, gathered from the archives during Streetwise’ reign over the dance market presented on a choice of CD or vinyl.

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