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The 1958 British Hit Parade Part 1
The 1958 British Hit Parade Part 1

Various Artists
Styles: British Hit Parades
Catalogue Number: ACQCD7026
Acrobat’s series of comprehensive annual collections of British chart entries continues with the first half of 1958. This release fills a gap in Acrobat’s catalogue occasioned by some business machinations over the last couple of years. Musically, it could be said that, little developed during 1958 except a deeper encroachment by rock and roll and a further sidelining of those artists who had ruled the charts for the past five years. On the other hand it could also be said that it was the last and best year for original rock’n’roll sounds. There were several classic recordings that still seem as relevant, and indeed popular, today as they were then. Most of the American rock and roll stars who begun to enjoy hits during 1955-1957 remained popular, with the exception of Bill Haley & His Comets, who had said farewell to the British hit parade in 1957. Haley did not return to the charts until 1968 when “Rock Around The Clock” re-entered the Top 20. However, the first wave of American rock and roll was about to suffer a setback when Little Richard got religion, Jerry Lee Lewis was involved in scandals and Elvis was inducted into the US army. The most significant development of the year in British rock and roll terms was the chart debut of Sir Cliff Richard with “Move It”, still considered the finest and most authentic British rock and roll record. Many of the original British hit parade stars continued to enjoy hits throughout the year including Ronnie Hilton, Max Bygraves, David Whitfield, Ted Heath, Malcolm Vaughan and Frankie Vaughan. As ever, it’s an eclectic and fascinating musical mix, and quite apart from the serious collectors, just about anyone who was around at the time will want this set, along with the many contemporary music fans fascinated by the roots of rock and pop.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 Alone The Kaye Sisters
2 Shake Me I Rattle The Kaye Sisters
3 Raunchy Bill Justis
4 Cool Baby Charlie Gracie
5 Bye Bye Baby Johnny Otis Show
6 Just Born (To Be Your Baby) Jim Dale
7 Crazy Dream Jim Dale
8 The Story Of My Life Michael Holliday
9 I’m Left You’re Right She’s Gone Elvis Presley
10 At The Hop Danny And The Juniors
11 You Send Me Sam Cooke
12 The Story Of My Life Gary Miller
13 Bony Moronie Larry Williams
14 Love Me Forever Marion Ryan
15 Jailhouse Rock Elvis Presley
16 The Story Of My Life Dave King
17 Love Me Forever Eydie Gorme
18 Put A Light In The Window The King Brothers
19 You Are My Destiny Paul Anka
20 The Story Of My Life Alma Cogan
21 Love Me Forever The Four Esquires
22 Mandy Eddie Calvert
23 Put A Light In The Window The Southlanders
24 Raunchy Ken Mackintosh
25 Magic Moments Perry Como
Disk 2:
Track Title Artist
1 Witchcraft Frank Sinatra
2 Sugartime The McGuire Sisters
3 Cry My Heart David Whitfield
4 Buona Sera Louis Prima
5 Stood Up Ricky Nelson
6 Magic Moments Ronnie Hilton
7 Sugartime Alma Cogan
8 No Other Baby Bobby Helms
9 At The Hop Nick Todd
10 Raunchy Billy Vaughn
11 Baby Lover Petula Clark
12 Good Golly Miss Molly Little Richard
13 The Clouds Will Soon Roll By Tony Brent
14 Don’t Elvis Presley
15 Nairobi Tommy Steele
16 Just Can’t Get Along Without You Frankie Vaughan
17 We Are Not Alone Frankie Vaughan
18 Catch A Falling Star Perry Como
19 Sugartime Jim Dale
20 Why Don’t They Understand George Hamilton IV
21 Whole Lotta Woman Marvin Rainwater
22 I Beg Of You Elvis Presley
23 Swingin’ Shepherd Blues Ted Heath
24 In Love Michael Holliday
25 Listen To Me Buddy Holly And The Crickets
Disk 3:
Track Title Artist
1 To Be Loved Jackie Wilson
2 Manchester United Calypso Edric Connor
3 Maybe Baby The Crickets
4 La Dee Dah Jackie Dennis
5 Don’t Let Go Jim Dale
6 To Be Loved Malcolm Vaughan
7 Oh,Oh I’m Falling In Love Again Jimmie Rodgers
8 The Big Beat Fats Domino
9 Swingin’ Shepherd Blues Moe Koffman Quartet
10 Tequila The Champs
11 A Wonderful Time Up There Pat Boone
12 It’s Too Soon To Know Pat Boone
13 Who’s Sorry Now Connie Francis
14 Breathless Jerry Lee Lewis
15 Grand Coolie Dam Lonnie Donegan
16 Nobody Loves Like An Irishman Lonnie Donegan
17 Tequila Ted Heath & His Music
18 I May Never Pass This Way Again Ronnie Hilton
19 Lollipop Chordettes
20 Happy Guitar Tommy Steele
21 Princess Tommy Steele
22 Sweet Little Sixteen Chuck Berry
23 Tom Hark Elias And His Zig Zag Jive Flutes
24 I May Never Pass This Way Again Robert Earl
25 Lollipop The Mudlarks
26 Wear My Ring Around Your Neck Elvis Presley
Disk 4:
Track Title Artist
1 Tulips From Amsterdam Max Bygraves
2 You Need Hands Max Bygraves
3 Kewpie Doll Perry Como
4 Dede Dinah Frankie Avalon
5 On The Street Where You Live Vic Damone
6 Kewpie Doll Frankie Vaughan
7 Stairway Of Love Michael Holliday
8 Twilight Time The Platters
9 On The Street Where You Live David Whitfield
10 Stairway Of Love Terry Dene
11 Witch Doctor David Seville
12 Swingin’ Shepherd Blues Ella Fitzgerald
13 All I Have To Do Is Dream The Everly Brothers
14 Claudette The Everly Brothers
15 Johnny B. Goode Chuck Berry
16 Teacher Teacher Johnny Mathis
17 Witch Doctor Don Lang
18 Crazy Love Paul Anka
19 I May Never Pass This Way Again Perry Como
20 The Signature Tune Of The Army Game Michael Medwin, Alfie Bass, Bernard Bresslaw & Leslie Fyson
21 I Dig You Baby Marvin Rainwater
22 Book Of Love The Mudlarks
23 Return To Me Dean Martin
24 A Very Precious Love Doris Day
25 Big Man Four Preps
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