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New York City Blues & R&B 1949-54
New York City Blues & R&B 1949-54

Various Artists
Styles: Blues, R&B
Catalogue Number: ADDCD3082
There was never really a singular style or movement of blues music that characterised New York – the city was simply a hotbed of varied musical activity designed to feed the jukebox market and the burgeoning market for ethnic records around the USA – and this 48-track 2-CD snapshot of the blues and R&B that was being played there in the post-war pre-rock ‘n’ roll era demonstrates the variety and creativity of the music. It features some well-known names who went on to play a major role in the blues revival of the ‘60s and beyond – Brownie McGhee, Sonny Terry, Champion Jack Dupree and the like – plus some other big names like Dinah Washington and Big Joe Turner, alongside many lesser known and collectable tracks by artists whose focus was much more local. It’s an evocative and slightly different angle on an ever-popular genre.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 Rough And Rocky Road Joe ‘Mr Google Eyes’ August
2 No Wine, No Women Joe ‘Mr Google Eyes’ August
3 Hole In The Wall Albinia Jones with Sam Price & His Rockin’ Rhythm
4 Bed Tick Ralph Willis Featuring Brownie McGhee
5 Income Tax Blues Ralph Willis Featuring Brownie McGhee
6 Leave It Alone Max ‘Scatman’ Bailey W Buddy Tate’s Ork
7 I Love My Baby H-Bomb Ferguson
8 Slow Down Baby Bob Gaddy & His Keys
9 Ragged And Hungry Lightnin’ Jr (Champion Jack Dupree) & The Empires
10 Them There Eyes- Varetta Dillard with Leroy Kirkland’s Band
11 Let’s Drink Some Whiskey Al Jackson
12 Sweet Sixteen Big Joe Turner with Van ‘Piano Man’ Walls & His Orchestra
13 I Believe You Got A Side Kick Bob Gaddy & His Alley Cats
14 Harmonica Hop Sonny ‘Hootin’’ Terry And His Night Owls
15 I Feel So Good Brownie McGhee & His Block Busters
16 Love Love Love Little Bobby Harris
17 Harmonica Train Sonny ‘Hootin’’ Terry & His Night Owls
18 Meet You In The Morning Brownie McGhee And The Jook Block Busters
19 Little Girl’s Boogie Bob Gaddy
20 Doggin’ My Heart Around Sonny ‘Hootin’’ Terry And His Night Owls
21 Bicycle Boogie Bob Gaddy And His Alley Cats
22 Daisy Brownie McGhee
23 Drunk Again Champion Jack Dupree
24 I’m The Fat Man Big John Greer
Disk 2:
Track Title Artist
1 Shim Sham Shimmy Champion Jack Dupree
2 But Officer Clifford ‘King’ Solomon
3 Give Me One More Drink Sammy Cotton
4 Stumblin Block Blues Champion Jack Dupree
5 Don’t Dog Your Woman Brownie McGhee
6 Highway Blues Champion Jack Dupree
7 You The Kind Of Women Sammy Cotton
8 Shake Baby Shake Champion Jack Dupree
9 Number Nine Blues Champion Jack Dupree
10 Miss Christine Brownie McGhee & His Jook House Rockers
11 Runaway Jesse Stone
12 I’m Afraid I Love You Jimmy Newsome
13 Walking Down Hill Otis Hinton
14 I Love You Baby Sonny Terry
15 Too Much Competition Allen Bunn
16 Short John Dinah Washington
17 Flat Foot Boogie The Jackson Brothers Orchestra
18 Bottle It Up And Go Big John Greer
19 I’m Tired Big Red McHouston
20 You Better Heed My Warning Larry Dale
21 There’s No Other Way The Jackson Brothers Orchestra
22 Please Tell Me Larry Dale
23 I’m Alone Bertice Reading
24 Bluebird Bluebird Brownie McGhee & His Jook House Rockers with The Concords
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