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The Henry Glover Story Vol. 2 1951-61
The Henry Glover Story Vol. 2 1951-61

Various Artists
Catalogue Number: RANDB021
“Henry Glover wrote so many killer tunes it makes your mind bend.” Dr. John. Henry Glover was the first producer/writer in the American music industry, paving the way for a host of illustrious followers such as Phil Spector, Leiber & Stoller and Burt Bacharach. Composer, producer, arranger, publisher, talent scout, vocalist, trumpet player, engineer, A&R executive, and, later, a label owner in his own right, Glover was one of the most talented music industry entrepreneurs of the twentieth century. The fact that he was black and working in an exclusively white executive environment makes his achievements all the more remarkable. Glover’s formative years were spent at Cincinnati-based King Records and the majority of hits on that label during its golden era from 1947 to 1958 were Henry Glover productions. He was equally at home with white and black music. King Records owner Syd Nathan called him ‘a multiple talent’ . His pioneering work with Moon Mullican and Hawkshaw Hawkins combining blues and country predates Elvis Presley’s Sun recordings by several years. Glover tried his hand at doo-wop and rock’n’roll music, but he found his greatest success in the dance craze era of the early 1960s. In later years, Glover channelled his energies into forming his own record label (he launched the careers of The Hawks, who mutated into The Band, and of the recently departed Nick Ashford). One of his last productions was Muddy Waters’s swansong The Woodstock Album, which won a Grammy in 1975. This retrospective focuses on his songwriting. Often working under a variety of pseudonyms, he provided material for a host of artists from the post-big band R&B era of the late 40s, through to the doowop and rock and roll of the late 50s and the early ‘60s soul.This collection covers the second period, from 1951 to 1961.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 Adam, Come And Get Your Rib Wynonie Harris
2 My Baby Keeps Rollin' Annisteen Allen
3 Don't Stop Dan The Checkers
4 Quiet Whiskey Wynonie Harris
5 Waiting To Be Loved By You Sonny Thompson
6 Lay It On The Line Tiny Bradshaw
7 Annie Had A Baby The Midnighters
8 I Done It Moon Mullican
9 House With No Windows The Checkers
10 Baby I'm Doin' It Annisteen Allen
11 Lovin' Machine Teresa Brewer
12 Watch Dog Lula Reed
13 Lost Child Lavern Baker
14 Rot Gut Wynonie Harris
15 Soft Tiny Bradshaw
16 Heavy Sugar Lucky Millinder
17 I Gotta Have You Sarah McLawler
18 Head Happy With Wine Sticks McGhee
19 Don't Make Me Love You Lula Reed
20 I Don't Know Where To Go Wynonie Harris
21 Soft Henry Glover
22 Grinding Doc Bagby
23 Without Love Lula Reed
24 I Ain't Getting Caught The Five Royales
25 Ain't It A Shame Roy Brown
26 Silent Partner Champion Jack Dupree
27 Ghost Of My Baby The Checkers
28 Caught Me When My Love Was Down Lula Reed
29 Rocket To The Moon Moon Mullican
30 Someone Made You For Me The Five Royales
31 Drown In My Own Tears Ray Charles
Disk 2:
Track Title Artist
1 My Loving Baby Linda Hopkins
2 My Nerves Little Willie John
3 Come Back, Uncle John Big John Greer
4 Seven Nights to Rock Moon Mullican
5 Blues Stay Away From Me Johnny Burnette
6 Ram Bunk Shush Bill Doggett
7 Let's Call It A Day Billy Gayles B82
8 One Track Love Bonnie Lou
9 I'm Sticking With You Baby Little Willie John
10 What Makes You So Tough Teddy Humphries
11 Young Girl Little Willie John
12 I Can't Linda Hopkins
13 Rock Love Eddie Fontaine
14 Honky Tonk Bill Doggett
15 Love, Life And Money Little Willie John
16 Sioux Rock The Sugar Canes
17 Teardrops On Your Letter Hank Ballard
18 I'll Sail My Ship Alone Moon Mullican
19 Every Whicha Kinda Way Earl Connelly King
20 Watermelon Frank Minion
21 Cool Down Titus Turner
22 Call On Me Beverly Ann Gibson
23 Big Muddy Larry Dale
24 Backwoods Bill Doggett
25 Rain Down Tears Hank Ballard
26 Sticks And Stones Ray Charles
27 All My Love Belongs To You The Vibrations
28 Let The Little Girl Dance Billy Bland
29 Peppermint Twist Joey Dee
30 California Sun Joe Jones
31 Soulville Titus Turner
32 Boarding House Blues Henry Glover
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