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Nothing Stays The Same
Nothing Stays The Same

The Mustangs
Styles: Blues, Rock
Catalogue Number: BMRCD20081

Record Collector Review - May 2008

The Mustangs have been making waves down on the South Coast circuit since 2001 with an eclectic mix of passionate blues-rock and contemporary songwriting appealing equally to biker festival crowds and discerning musos.

Kicking off with the slick minor-key groove of Put Your Money On Me, their fourth studio outing showcases another impressive batch of riff-based rockers and cleverly crafted ballads that put The Band head and shoulders above the pub-rock pack.

A primal blues influence harking back to Muddy Waters shines through most of the 13 tracks, notably on the stomping Chicago blues of Look The Other Way and the swaggering rock of the title track where frontman, Adam Norsworthy, cuts loose with an irresistible riff and Hendrix-tinged solo.

The blues vibe is subtly reinforced by harp star, Derek Kingaby, whose atmospheric lines weave an emotionally rich backdrop throughout for Norsworthy’s impassioned vocals and varied guitar work.

And yet The Mustangs keep us guessing at every turn, with the retro swing of Taking My Water Upstairs and the brazen rock of Out Of Line giving way disarmingly to tender ballads such as Long Distance Line, Nights Like These and Good Luck Girl with its artful arpeggios, clever chord changes and poignant lyrics of loss.

In a genre so dominated by predictable cover bands, The Mustangs have broken free from the 12-bar rut to deliver an accessible all-original album of musical depth, where sheer balls is tempered by plenty of heart and soul.

Dominic Pedlar

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 Put Your Money On Me The Mustangs
2 Look The Other Way The Mustangs
3 What Are You Trying To Say? The Mustangs
4 Looking Down The Well The Mustangs
5 Taking My Water Upstairs The Mustangs
6 Keep On Loving The Mustangs
7 Long Distance Line The Mustangs
8 Go Ahead The Mustangs
9 Out Of Line The Mustangs
10 Nights Like Those The Mustangs
11 So Many Roads The Mustangs
12 Good Luck Girl The Mustangs
13 Nothing Stays The Same The Mustangs
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