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Cut Loose
Cut Loose

The Mustangs
Styles: Blues, Rock
Catalogue Number: CBR0209
“This Hampshire four-piece has been around the clubs and festivals for some years (and four albums) but, being at the rockier end of the blues scene, has rather escaped my attention, which probably shows I should be getting out more for this was a real and unexpected treat. For this first set, they have come up with a well-produced, varied bunch of good, original songs, evidently cut over two days, live-in-the-studio. Singer/guitarist Adam Norsworthy had a hand in writing all tracks – four on his own, a half dozen with bass player Ben McKeown, and one with harp man Derek Kingaby. All feature well in a set that drips with musicianship - Jon Bartley’s drumming, too, being nicely resonant rather than the shed building that characteristics so much British Blues. Lengthy solos are eschewed for some nice, extended riffing, and whilst not overlong by today’s standards (nor by any means, all blues) , the tracks benefit from conciseness and variation, from the infectiously funky Honey Rock, to the tight boogieing of Thunder in the Air – and the folk rock closer, Precious Time, is downright beautiful.” Rock ‘n’ Reel “The Mustangs are a pretty heavy rock band with some blues influence. What distinguishes this CD from many others in this crowded field is that all the songs are their own originals and that there is a fair bit of variety on display in the 11 tracks. Another distinguishing feature is the excellent harp playing of Derek Kingaby, who adds different textures that complement the guitars very well, preventing the band from having a standard-issue guitar-dominated sound.The songs themselves are not just riffs with words, but are constructed as ‘proper songs’, the main feature being almost anthemic big choruses. The lyrics are printed in the booklet, showing that they take their song writing seriously. Lead singer Adam Norsworthy has a strong, higher register voice that carries the material well. The CD kicks off with some fat riffs and big chords on ‘Canada Eyes’ and in general the band has what might be considered a pretty ‘commercial’ sound, delivered in a well-produced way to grab the attention. On ‘I’ll Meet You Anytime’, a ska rhythm guitar part blends very well with some excellent harp work on what is essentially a blues song – the combination works well. ‘Dream The Day Away’ is not unlike a slower Zeppelin number and is one of the more effective tracks. The general aim is for songs that have a simple and immediate impact. More variety kicks in with some of the later tracks, - the rock’n’roll ‘Thunder in the Air’, the soft rock of ‘Living With A Broken Heart’ and the acoustic closer ‘Precious Time’, which is in the country vein and features some good harmonies. Overall, the CD shows that The Mustangs do mostly good old fashioned up tempo rock music, but that they have a bit more to offer than that.” Mark Harrison, Blues Matters

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 Canada Eyes The Mustangs
2 Sit With Me A While The Mustangs
3 I'll Meet You Any Time The Mustangs
4 Honey Rock The Mustangs
5 More Or Less The Mustangs
6 Dream The Day Away The Mustangs
7 She Wants More The Mustangs
8 Thunder In The Air The Mustangs
9 Living With A Broken Heart The Mustangs
10 No Good For The Soul The Mustangs
11 Precious Time The Mustangs
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