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Speed Of Love
Speed Of Love

The Mustangs
Styles: Blues, Rock
Catalogue Number: TRACD6510
This is the latest CD release by The Mustangs, one of the most popular and hard-working bands on the British blues circuit, who are such regular and in-demand performers that one journalist described them as “the band that no self-respecting blues festival can afford to be without”. In recent times, they have also expanded their compass to include major festivals in Europe. This release from the south-east London based group is their seventh CD, the follow-up to 2011’s “Shaman And The Monkey”, and once again comprising a dozen new original compositions, many of which have already been honed in ‘live’ performances. They are no run-of-the-mill blues band – rather their music is blues-inspired, comprising punchy, melodic and entertaining songs that range from soulful ballads through to rip-roaring rockers. Like their stage shows, they reflect the charismatic presence of dynamic front man and primary songwriter Adam Norsworthy, along with the distinctive harmonica of Derek Kingaby, who also contributes to the writing along with bassist Ben McKeown and drummer Jon Bartley. The album includes their forthcoming single “Yours Sincerely”, an atmospheric ballad which has a genuine chance of seeing them break through to the mainstream market, for which a top quality video has been shot, which will help to increase the band’s profile still further. Their ‘live’ work and their considerable following on the social networks will provide a platform for a wide-ranging campaign of marketing and promotion, including radio sessions. There is more up-to-date information and music samples at

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 Retail Shuffle The Mustangs
2 Payback The Mustangs
3 When God Met The Devil The Mustangs
4 Sea Change The Mustangs
5 Looking For A Reason The Mustangs
6 Yours Sincerely The Mustangs
7 Too Late For Changing The Mustangs
8 Speed Of Love The Mustangs
9 Cold Walk Home The Mustangs
10 The Man And The Needle The Mustangs
11 I Tried To Love You Too Much The Mustangs
12 Move On The Mustangs
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