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Fast And Loose - Live in 1954
Fast And Loose - Live in 1954

Ronnie Scott
Styles: Jazz
Catalogue Number: ACMCD4376
By 1954, the famous Ronnie Scott nine-piece was not only approximately half-way through its two and a half year lifespan, but it was arguably at its peak. Formed early the previous year, and led by indisputably the most charismatic figure in British modern jazz, the band’s stock-in-trade was controversy – daring to include as much modern jazz as it could on the dance hall circuit. Its co-operative policy was described by one of its members, the saxophonist Benny Green, as “syncopated Marxism”, whilst its on-the-road antics prompted the group’s drummer Tony Crombie to remember the unit’s band bus as “a madhouse on wheels”. Nevertheless, packed full of the brightest parochial talent, including trumpeter Jimmy Deuchar and alto saxophonist Derek Humble, the band was among the most consistently musical of its generation and could sunder any opposition. The addition of multi-instrumental wunderkind Victor Feldman during 1954 only added to the groups varied talents. The band’ s BBC Overseas Service broadcast of March 17th 1954 followed the pattern of two previous appearances on the airwaves by being pressed and released by Esquire Records under the prophetic title of The Ronnie Scott Jazz Club Vol.3 and yet despite its excellent and diverse content it was soon deleted, quickly becoming a highly prized collector’s item. This Acrobat release includes not only all of the original LP but adds a further session recorded a month later by Scott and the band’s rhythm section, which features three performances that are previously unissued. Complete with rare photos, press clippings and an extensive booklet essay by saxophonist Simon Spillett, this release is an absolute must for fans of British modern jazz.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 Fast and Loose The Ronnie Scott Orchestra
2 Body Beautiful The Ronnie Scott Orchestra
3 Yardbird Suite The Ronnie Scott Orchestra
4 If I Should Lose You The Ronnie Scott Orchestra
5 In the Land of Nimbupani The Ronnie Scott Orchestra
6 Laura The Ronnie Scott Orchestra
7 Oo-Shoo-Be-Do-Be The Ronnie Scott Orchestra
8 This Can’t Be Love The Ronnie Scott Orchestra
9 Dear Old Southland The Ronnie Scott Orchestra
10 El Sino The Ronnie Scott Orchestra
11 I Wished On The Moon The Ronnie Scott Orchestra
12 Nemo The Ronnie Scott Orchestra
13 Sunshine On A Dull Day (master take) The Ronnie Scott Quartet
14 Sunshine On A Dull Day (alternate take 3) The Ronnie Scott Quartet
15 Fools Rush In (alternate take 1) The Ronnie Scott Quartet
16 Fools Rush In (master take) The Ronnie Scott Quartet
17 Poor Butterfly The Ronnie Scott Quartet
18 Perfidia (alternate take 2) The Ronnie Scott Quartet
19 Perfidia (master take) The Ronnie Scott Quartet
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