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The Complete US & UK Singles As & Bs 1956-62
The Complete US & UK Singles As & Bs 1956-62

Brenda Lee
Styles: Pop
Catalogue Number: ADDCD3109
Along with Connie Francis, Brenda Lee was one of the most popular and iconic female stars of the enthralling musical era which followed the explosion of rock ‘n’ roll in the mid-‘50s, when the pop music landscape underwent an extraordinary transformation. Like Connie, Brenda was a hugely versatile performer, renowned for her powerful voice, which belied her diminutive stature, and able to deliver driving rockabilly or soulful country ballads with equal impact. She established a substantial and committed international fan following, which, as she successfully made the seamless transition from pop to country superstar, enabled her to enjoy a lengthy and highly successful career that has lasted over half a century. This collection is designed to give a comprehensive overview of the first crucial six years of her recording career, during which she achieved the biggest hits of her career on both sides of the Atlantic, and of course including the feat, at that time unprecedented, of scoring Top Ten hits with nine consecutive US releases from “Sweet Nothin’s” in 1959 to “Everybody Loves Me But You” in 1962 – a record which lasted until overtaken by Madonna in 1986. Packed with memorable classics alongside some lesser-known collectable B sides, it includes both sides of all her releases during that period and it makes for a fascinating snapshot of her rise from child star on country radio to international pop star, with all the creative decision-making along the way, including the different way that some of her records were perceived and accepted on opposite sides of the Atlantic. This will undoubtedly appeal both to long-time Brenda lee aficionados, but also those with a broader interest in the music of the 50s and 60s, who will enjoy this collection covering the core chart career of one of pop’s enduring personalities.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 Jambalaya (On the Bayou) Brenda Lee
2 Bigelow 6-200 Brenda Lee
3 Christy Christmas Brenda Lee
4 I'm Gonna Lasso Santa Claus Brenda Lee
5 Fairyland Brenda Lee
6 One Step at a Time Brenda Lee
7 Dynamite Brenda Lee
8 Love You 'Til I Die Brenda Lee
9 Ain't That Love Brenda Lee
10 One Teenager to Another Brenda Lee
11 Rock-a-Bye Baby Blues Brenda Lee
12 Rock The Bop Brenda Lee
13 Ring-a-My Phone Brenda Lee
14 Little Jonah (Rock On Your Steel Guitar) Brenda Lee
15 Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree Brenda Lee
16 Papa Noel Brenda Lee
17 Bill Bailey Won't You Please Come Home Brenda Lee
18 Hummin' The Blues Over You Brenda Lee
19 Let's Jump the Broomstick Brenda Lee
20 Some Of These Days Brenda Lee
21 Sweet Nothin's Brenda Lee
22 Weep No More My Baby Brenda Lee
Disk 2:
Track Title Artist
1 That's All You Gotta Do Brenda Lee
2 I'm Sorry Brenda Lee
3 I Want to Be Wanted Brenda Lee
4 Just A Little Brenda Lee
5 Emotions Brenda Lee
6 I'm Learning About Love Brenda Lee
7 You Can Depend on Me Brenda Lee
8 It's Never Too Late Brenda Lee
9 Dum Dum Brenda Lee
10 Eventually Brenda Lee
11 Fool No. 1 Brenda Lee
12 Anybody But Me Brenda Lee
13 Break It to Me Gently Brenda Lee
14 So Deep Brenda Lee
15 Speak to Me Pretty Brenda Lee
16 Lover Come Back To Me Brenda Lee
17 Everybody Loves Me But You Brenda Lee
18 Here Come That Feelin' Brenda Lee
19 Heart in Hand Brenda Lee
20 It Started All Over Again Brenda Lee
21 All Alone Am I Brenda Lee
22 Save All Your Loving For Me Brenda Lee
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