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The Best Of Bud Powell 1944-62 Vol. 1
The Best Of Bud Powell 1944-62 Vol. 1

Bud Powell
Styles: Jazz
Catalogue Number: ADDCD3116
Although Bud Powell may not be one of the first names to spring to mind in listing the greats of jazz piano, he was undoubtedly one of the most important and influential, who deserves to be ranked alongside the more lauded luminaries of the genre. Brief, patchy and sadly interrupted by illness and misfortune as his career was, he was hugely influential in changing the conventions of jazz piano in the post-swing era, and introduced techniques that have been taken up by dozens of noted players in his wake. Coming to prominence at the birth of bebop, he became the most important pianist of the early bop style, abandoning the established striding left-hand technique in favour of spacey irregular patterns of dissonant chords, while the right hand developed rapid free-flowing melodic lines effectively mimicking the saxophone style of Charlie Parker on the piano. It resulted at times in inspired, brilliant and breathtaking solos, with a daring attack and intensity, which greatly influenced artists of later years such as Bill Evans. This collection is an overview of his career, selecting recordings from a wide spectrum of the projects and periods which gave rise to some of his best-known and most highly regarded performances. The regard in which he was held by his peers is underlined by the litany of jazz greats with whom he performs on many of these recordings.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 Round Midnight Cootie Williams And His Orchestra 
2 Reverse The Charges Frank Socolow's Duke Quintet 
3 Jay Bird  Jay Jay Johnson's BeBoppers 
4 Royal Roost (Rue Chaptal) Kenny Clarke And His 52nd Steet Boys 
5 Bud's Bubble Bud Powell Trio 
6 Donna Lee Charlie Parker All Stars 
7 Cheryl Charlie Parker All Stars 
8 Tempus Fugit Bud Powell Trio 
9 Cherokee Bud Powell Trio 
10 Bouncing With Bud Bud Powell's Modernists 
11 Dance Of The Infidels Bud Powell's Modernists 
12 Ornithology Bud Powell Trio 
13 Bud's Blues Sonny Stitt/Bud Powell Quartet
14 All God's Children Got Rhythm Stars Of Modern Jazz
15 Strike Up The Band Sonny Stitt/Bud Powell Quartet
16 So Sorry Please Bud Powell Trio 
17 Body And Soul Bud Powell Trio 
18 Hallelujah Bud Powell Trio 
19 Just One Of Those Things Bud Powell
20 Hallucinations Bud Powell
21 The Fruit Bud Powell
22 Un Poco Loco Bud Powell Trio 
23 Over The Rainbow Bud Powell Trio 
24 Lullaby Of Birdland The Bud Powell Trio 
Disk 2:
Track Title Artist
1 Wee (Allen's Alley) Quintet Of The Year
2 The Glass Enclosure Bud Powell Trio 
3 Collard Greens And Black-Eyed Peas Bud Powell Trio 
4 It Never Entered My Mind Bud Powell Trio 
5 All The Things You Are Bud Powell Trio 
6 Bean And The Boys Bud Powell Trio 
7 52nd St. Theme Bud Powell Trio 
8 She Bud Powell Trio 
9 Keepin' In The Groove Bud Powell Trio 
10 Bud On Bach Bud Powell
11 Yardbird Suite Bud Powell Trio 
12 Time Waits Bud Powell Trio 
13 Monopoly Bud Powell Trio 
14 The Scene Changes Bud Powell Trio 
15 Just You, Just Me Coleman Hawkins/Bud Powell
16 Sweet And Lovely  Bud Powell Trio 
17 There Will Never Be Another You  Bud Powell Trio 
18 Anthropology  Bud Powell Trio 
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