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The Complete US Hits 1951-62
The Complete US Hits 1951-62

Carl Smith
Styles: Country
Catalogue Number: ADDCD3129
We continue our series of releases of comprehensive hits collections by significant personalities from the US country scene during the post-war decades with an anthology devoted to the prolific hit-maker Carl Smith, husband of June Carter (later June Carter-Cash) and father of Carlene Carter. This great-value 50-track 2-CD set comprises all the entries in the US country charts which Carl Smith scored from his chart debut in 1951 through the decade and more that followed, including a remarkable run of 21 hits with consecutive singles during the ‘50s and a total of 30 Top 10 hits. It naturally includes his five No. 1s with “Let Old Mother Nature Have Her Way”, “Don’t Just Stand There”, “Are You Teasing Me”, “Hey Joe” and “Loose Talk”. Much of his output during the mid-‘50s had a distinct rockabilly flavour, and echoed the sounds of the rock ‘n’ roll explosion of the time. He was one of the major figures of the country scene, and this is an excellent showcase for his consistently top class output during the key years of his chart career.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 Let's Live a Little Carl Smith
2 Mr. Moon Carl Smith
3 If Teardrops Were Pennies Carl Smith
4 Let Old Mother Nature Have Her Way Carl Smith
5 (When You Feel Like You're in Love) Don't Just Stand There Carl Smith
6 Are You Teasing Me Carl Smith
7 It's a Lovely, Lovely World Carl Smith
8 Our Honeymoon Carl Smith
9 That's the Kind of Love I'm Looking For Carl Smith
10 Just Wait 'Til I Get You Alone Carl Smith
11 Orchids Mean Goodbye Carl Smith
12 Trademark Carl Smith
13 Do I Like It? Carl Smith
14 Hey Joe Carl Smith
15 Satisfaction Guaranteed Carl Smith
16 Dog-Gone It, Baby, I'm in Love Carl Smith
17 Back Up Buddy Carl Smith
18 Go, Boy, Go Carl Smith
19 Loose Talk Carl Smith
20 More Than Anything Else in the World Carl Smith
21 Kisses Don't Lie Carl Smith
22 No, I Don't Believe I Will Carl Smith
23 Wait a Little Longer Please, Jesus Carl Smith
24 There She Goes Carl Smith
25 Old Lonesome Times Carl Smith
Disk 2:
Track Title Artist
1 Don't Tease Me Carl Smith
2 You're Free to Go Carl Smith
3 I Feel Like Cryin' Carl Smith
4 I've Changed Carl Smith
5 You Are the One Carl Smith
6 Doorstep to Heaven Carl Smith
7 Before I Met You Carl Smith
8 Wicked Lies Carl Smith
9 You Can't Hurt Me Anymore Carl Smith
10 Why, Why Carl Smith
11 Your Name Is Beautiful Carl Smith
12 Guess I've Been Around Too Long Carl Smith
13 Walking the Slow Walk Carl Smith
14 The Best Years of Your Life Carl Smith
15 It's All My Heartache Carl Smith
16 Ten Thousand Drums Carl Smith
17 Tomorrow Night Carl Smith
18 Make the Waterwheel Roll Carl Smith
19 Cut Across Shorty Carl Smith
20 If the World Don't End Tomorrow (I'm Comin' After You) Carl Smith
21 You Make Me Live Again Carl Smith
22 Kisses Never Lie Carl Smith
23 Air Mail to Heaven Carl Smith
24 Things That Mean the Most Carl Smith
25 The Best Dressed Beggar (In Town) Carl Smith
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