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The 1956 British Hit Parade Part 2
The 1956 British Hit Parade Part 2

Various Artists
Styles: British Hit Parades
Catalogue Number: ACQCD7003
The second part of 1956 sees a continuation of the eclectic nature of the charts ? once again we can see the established stars rubbing shoulders with the new rock and rollers. The diversity of genres is quite amazing with rock and n roll mixing with music hall, country, R & B, jazz, classical, crooners, and everything in between. Many of the tracks featured here have become standards and are instantly recognized all over the world and the artists featured are amongst the biggest names in the history of music.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 Bluebottle Blues The Goons
2 The Faithfull Hussar Ted Heath And His Music
3 Sweet Old Fashioned Girl Teresa Brewer
4 Bad Penny Blues Humphrey Lyttleton & His Band
5 Walk Hand In Hand Tony Martin
6 Kiss Me Another Georgia Gibbs
7 The Faithfull Hussar Louis Armstrong & His All Stars
8 The Birds And The Bees Alma Cogan
9 Left Bank Winifred Atwell
10 I Want You I Need You I Love You Elvis Presley
11 Be Bop A Lula Gene Vincent
12 Walk Hand In Hand Ronnie Carroll
13 Rock Island Line Stan Freberg
14 Heartbreak Hotel Stan Freberg
15 Long Tall Sally Pat Boone
16 I'm In Love Again Fats Domino
17 Why Do Fools Fall In Love Alma Cogan
18 Rockin Through The Rye Bill Haley & The Comets
19 I Almost Lost My Mind Pat Boone
20 Walk Hand In Hand Jimmy Parkinson
21 Treasue Of Love Clyde McPhatter
22 Lay Down Your Arms Anne Shelton
Disk 2:
Track Title Artist
1 Sadie's Shawl Frank Cordell
2 My Son John David Whitfield
3 Born To Be With You The Chordettes
4 You Are My First Love Ruby Murray
5 By The Fountains Of Rome Edmund Hockridge
6 Donkey Cart Frank Chacksfield
7 My Unfinished Symphony David Whitfield
8 The Great Pretender The Platters
9 Only You The Platters
10 Woman In Love Frankie Laine
11 Bring A Little Water Sylvie Lonnie Donegan
12 Dead Or Alive Lonnie Donegan
13 The Ying Tong Song The Goons
14 Bloodnocks Rock & Roll Call The Goons
15 Love Me as Though there Were No Tomorrow Nat King Cole
16 Razzle Dazzle Bill Haley & The Comets
17 The Hilltoppers Trying
18 Hound Dog Elvis Presley
19 By The Fountains Of Rome David Hughes
20 More Perry Como
21 A Woman in Love Ronnie Hilton
22 Giddy Up A Ding Dong Freddie Bell & The Bellboys
23 When Mexico Gave Up The Rhumba Mitchell Torok
24 Glendora Perry Como
Disk 3:
Track Title Artist
1 More Jimmy Young
2 Glendora Glen Mason
3 Ten Thousand Miles Michael Holiday
4 Just Walking In The Rain Johnnie Ray
5 Race With The Devil Gene Vincent
6 Autumn Concerto George Melachrino
7 A Woman In Love The Four Aces
8 Teach You To Rock Tony Crombie
9 Shortnin Bread Rock Tony Crombie
10 Blue Jean bop Gene Vincent
11 I Don't care Liberace
12 Make It A Party Medley : Who Were You With last Night, Hello Hel Winifred Atwell
13 A House With Love In It Vera Lynn
14 Rock With The Caveman Tommy Steele
15 St Therese Of The Roses Malcom vaughan
16 The Green Door Jim Lowe
17 My Prayer ThePlatters
18 In The Middle Of The House Alma Cogan
19 Tonight You Belong To Me Patience & Prudence
20 The Green Door Frankie Vaughan
21 Rip It Up Bill Haley & The Comets
22 In The Middle Of The House Jimmy Parkinson
23 Two Different Worlds Ronnie Hilton
Disk 4:
Track Title Artist
1 Blue Moon Elvis Presley
2 The Green Door Glen Mason
3 Cindy Oh Cindy Eddie Fisher
4 True Love Bing Crosby & Grace kelly
5 I Don't care If The Sun Don't Shine Elvis Presley
6 Rudy's Rock Bill Haley & The Comets
7 Blueberry Hill Fats Domino
8 Cindy Oh Cindy Tony Brent
9 The Cat Came Back Sonny James
10 Singing The Blues Guy Mitchell
11 Love Me Tender Elvis Presley
12 In The Middle Of The House Johnston Brothers
13 Christmas Island Dickie Valentine
14 Friendly persuasion Pat Boone
15 That?s Right The Deep River Boys
16 Join In and Sing No 3 Medley : Coal Black Morning, When You're S Johnston Brothers
17 Singing The Blues Tommy Steele
18 Cindy Oh Cindy Vince Martin
19 Rip It Up Little Richard
20 Chistmas & You Dave King
21 Letter To A Soldier Barbara Lyon
22 Moonlight Gambler Frankie Laine
23 All Of You Sammy Davis JR
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