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The Complete Nashboro Releases 1951-62
The Complete Nashboro Releases 1951-62

The Swanee Quintet
Styles: Gospel
Catalogue Number: ADDCD3179
The Swanee Quintet are one of the premier vocal groups in the history of gospel music, and have been singing in different guises since 1939. They are noted for having a powerful and impassioned style, introducing more adventurous vocal arrangements during the 1950s as gospel moved into the commercial arena. Their first dozen years or so with the Nashboro label have come to be regarded as very much their golden era, characterised by the bluesey guitar of Pee Wee Crawford, the fine background harmonies of Charlie Barnwell, Rufus Washington and Big Red Anderson, and the distinctive lead vocals of Ruben Willingham. This great-value 53-track collection comprises all their releases on Nashboro through to 1962, including the A and B sides of all their singles, plus all the tracks from their album releases which were not otherwise released as singles. To the best of our knowledge these recordings have never been compiled on one CD before, so this is a rare opportunity to obtain a comprehensive selection of their early work in one collection.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 Jesus On My Mind
2 Walk In The Light
3 That Old Time Religion
4 In My Saviour's Care
5 Come On To This Altar
6 My Lord Is Coming Back
7 Let Us Stretch Out
8 Wasn't It A Pity
9 Sit Down Servant
10 Well Done
11 Long As Jesus Lives
12 Joy In Beulah Land
13 Cry Sometimes
14 In My Heart
15 On My Knees
16 Remember Me
17 It's Hard To Get Along
18 Judgement
19 I'm Alright Now
20 Low Down Chariot
21 Race To Run
22 My Last Prayer
23 Jesus Won't Fail
24 The Fire Keeps A Burning
25 Come See About Me
Disk 2:
Track Title Artist
1 My Burdens Are Laid Down
2 Sleep On Mother
3 When I Move
4 Over In Zion
5 Where He Leads Me
6 What About Me
7 My Father's Land
8 Lowly Jesus
9 New Walk
10 Lay This Body Down
11 When Jesus Comes Home
12 Just Made It In
13 Children Pray On
14 Holy Ghost Got Me
15 (Jesus Said If You Need Me) I'll Be There
16 Leaning On The Lord
17 Oh Yes He Will
18 I Need You Jesus
19 One More River To Cross
20 How I Got Over
21 Take The Lord With You
22 Just One More Time
23 Holy Wine
24 Great Change In Me
25 I Want You To Move
26 I Know It Was The Blood
27 Jesus Loves Me
28 He's Everything To Me
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