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The Singles Collection 1952-62
The Singles Collection 1952-62

Sonny James
Styles: Country
Catalogue Number: ADDCD3189
Known as “The Southern Gentleman”, Sonny James was one of the most popular and successful country artists of them all during the decades following WWII, racking up more than 75 hits in a chart career that lasted three decades through to 1983. He scored no less than 23 US country No. 1s, beginning with the landmark success of “Young Love”, which also topped the US pop chart, and including an extraordinary run of big hits in late ‘60s and early ‘70s beyond the scope of this collection. He was one of the first country artists to embrace the influence of rock ‘n’ roll, helping to give his work a more contemporary flavour than many of his Nashville peers, and was one of the new breed of country stylist who brought the genre into the modern era. This great value 62-track collection comprises a substantial proportion of the A and B sides of the forty or so singles he released on Capitol, NRC, RCA and Dot during the first decade or so of his career, with at least one side of most releases included, and naturally features all his country and pop chart entries from that era, including, as well as “Young Love”, the Top 10 country hits “That's Me Without You”, “For Rent”, “You're The Reason I'm In Love”, “First Date, First Kiss, First Love” and “Uh-Huh-mm”. Best-known as he is for his later work, this provides an enlightening and entertaining scene-setter for his later career, as his style develops from his country roots towards the new sound that would characterise Nashville in subsequent years.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 Short Cut Sonny James
2 It's So Nice To Make Up Sonny James
3 That's Me Without You Sonny James
4 Cool, Cold And Colder Sonny James
5 Somebody Else's Heartache Sonny James
6 The One I Can't Forget Sonny James
7 Poor Boy Rich Lovin' Sonny James
8 My Greatest Thrill Sonny James
9 That's How I Need You Sonny James
10 The Table Next To Mine Sonny James
11 She Done Give Her Heart to Me Sonny James
12 Oceans Of Tears (I've Shed For You) Sonny James
13 I Forgot to Remember Santa Claus Sonny James
14 Lovin' Season Sonny James
15 Ain't Gonna Take No Chance Sonny James
16 Till the Last Leaf Shall Fall Sonny James
17 Let's Go Bunny Huggin' Sonny James
18 Pigtails and Ribbons Sonny James
19 For Rent (One Empty Heart) Sonny James
20 My Stolen Love Sonny James
21 Twenty Feet of Muddy Water Sonny James
22 All Mixed Up Sonny James
23 The Cat Came Back Sonny James
24 Hello Old Broken Heart Sonny James
25 Young Love Sonny James (The Southern Gentleman)
26 You're The Reason I'm In Love Sonny James (The Southern Gentleman)
27 First Date, First Kiss, First Love Sonny James (The Southern Gentleman)
28 Speak To Me Sonny James (The Southern Gentleman)
29 Lovesick Blues Sonny James (The Southern Gentleman)
30 Dear Love Sonny James (The Southern Gentleman)
Disk 2:
Track Title Artist
1 A Mighty Lovable Man Sonny James (The Southern Gentleman)
2 Love Conquered Sonny James (The Southern Gentleman)
3 Uh-Huh-mm Sonny James
4 Why Can't They Remember? Sonny James
5 Kathaleen Sonny James
6 Walk To The Dance Sonny James
7 Are You Mine Sonny James
8 Let's Play Love Sonny James
9 You Got That Touch Sonny James
10 I Can See It In Your Eyes Sonny James
11 Let Me Be the One to Love You Sonny James
12 Dream Big Sonny James
13 Yo-Yo Sonny James
14 Talk of the School Sonny James With The Eligibles
15 The Table Sonny James With The Eligibles
16 Pure Love Sonny James
17 This Love Of Mine Sonny James
18 Who's Next in Line Sonny James With Hub Atwood's Strings
19 I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know Sonny James
20 Till Tomorrow Sonny James
21 Jenny Lou Sonny James
22 Passin' Through Sonny James
23 Wondering Sonny James (The Southern Gentleman)
24 Bimbo Sonny James (The Southern Gentleman)
25 Apache Sonny James
26 Innocent Angel Sonny James
27 Young Love (1961) Sonny James (The Southern Gentleman)
28 The Day's Not Over Yet Sonny James (The Southern Gentleman)
29 Just One More Lie Sonny James
30 On the Longest Day Sonny James
31 The Only Cure Sonny James
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