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The Tony Martin Hit Collection 1936-57
The Tony Martin Hit Collection 1936-57

Tony Martin
Styles: Easy Listening, Pop
Catalogue Number: ADDCD3191
Crooner Tony Martin was one of the coterie of male vocalist like Frank Sinatra, Perry Como, Tony Bennett, Frankie Laine, Al Martino and others who dominated the pop charts during the post-war decade (although, unlike those mentioned, he was not of Italian descent). He started his professional career as a Hollywood bit-part actor in movies like “Follow The Fleet” in 1936, before becoming a big-band singer, having his first hits, including several with the Ray Noble Orchestra, in the late 30s and early 40s, before a break while he served in WWII, then joined the Mercury label in 1946. He became a regular hit-maker right through until his music was overtaken by the rock ‘n’ roll and teen pop explosion of the late’50s. The consistency of his success can be measured by the fact that this excellent value 50-track 2-CD set consists entirely of hits which he had in the Billboard and Cashbox charts – for reasons of space we could not include them all, but there are only a few which had to be omitted, so this represents a pretty thorough trawl across his most successful recordings. It naturally includes what are probably his best-known hits – “Stranger In Paradise” and “Walk Hand In Hand”, along with other Top 5 biggies like “Tonight We Love”, “To Each His Own” “There’s No Tomorrow”, “I Get Ideas” and “Here”. He was very much a star who encapsulated the musical zeitgeist of his time, and this will be a must for lovers of ‘40s and ‘50s nostalgia.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 When Did You Leave Heaven? Tony Martin with Victor Young's orch.
2 The Moon of Manakoora Tony Martin with Ray Noble's Orch.
3 I Hadn't Anyone Till You Tony Martin with Ray Noble's Orch.
4 You Couldn't Be Cuter Tony Martin with Ray Noble's Orch.
5 My Walking Stick Tony Martin with Ray Noble's Orch.
6 Now It Can Be Told Tony Martin with Ray Noble's Orch.
7 South of the Border Tony Martin
8 It's a Blue World Tony Martin
9 Fools Rush In Tony Martin
10 Tonight We Love Tony Martin
11 To Each His Own Tony Martin
12 Rumors Are Flying Tony Martin
13 I'll Dance at Your Wedding Tony Martin
14 Hooray for Love Tony Martin
15 For Every Man There's a Woman Tony Martin
16 It's Magic Tony Martin
17 If You Stub Your Toe on the Moon Tony Martin
18 Circus Tony Martin
19 There's No Tomorrow Tony Martin
20 Marta Tony Martin
21 I Said My Pajamas (and Put on My Pray'rs) Tony Martin with Fran Warren
22 Valencia Tony Martin
23 La Vie en rose Tony Martin
24 In Your Arms (with Dinah Shore) Tony Martin
Disk 2:
Track Title Artist
1 A Penny a Kiss (with Dinah Shore) Tony Martin
2 Would I Love You Tony Martin
3 I Get Ideas Tony Martin
4 I Apologize Tony Martin
5 The Musicians Tony Martin with Dinah Shore, Betty Hutton & Phil Harris
6 Vanity Tony Martin
7 Over a Bottle of Wine Tony Martin
8 Domino Tony Martin
9 Kiss of Fire Tony Martin
10 Some Day Tony Martin
11 Luna Rossa Tony Martin
12 Dance of Destiny Tony Martin
13 Sleepy Time Gal Tony Martin
14 Don't Tempt Me Tony Martin
15 April in Portugal Tony Martin
16 Sorta on the Border Tony Martin
17 Caribbean Tony Martin
18 Relax Tony Martin
19 Stranger in Paradise Tony Martin
20 Here Tony Martin
21 Angels In the Sky Tony Martin
22 All of You Tony Martin
23 Do, Do, Do Tony Martin
24 Walk Hand in Hand Tony Martin
25 It's Better in the Dark Tony Martin
26 Do I Love You (Because You're Beautiful) Tony Martin
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