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The Bobby Vee Collection 1959-62
The Bobby Vee Collection 1959-62

Bobby Vee
Styles: Pop, Rock 'n' roll
Catalogue Number: ADDCD3211
Bobby Vee was a prolific hitmaker during the immediate post rock ‘’n’ roll era, bridging the gap between rock ‘n’ roll and teen pop, with a distinctive style that brought him success on both sides of the Atlantic – he was just as popular in the UK as in his home country. He always had a close affinity with the music and style of Buddy Holly & The Crickets – he began his performing career as a 15-year-old stepping with his band to fill a show soon after Buddy’s tragic death in February 1959 at which Holly had been scheduled to perform, his debut hit with his first release had echoes of “Peggy Sue” and he later recorded with The Crickets. He recorded many memorable and outstanding hits during these crucial and action-packed early years of his career, including Top 10 entries with “Devil Or Angel”, “Rubber Ball”, “More Than I Can Say”, “How Many Tears”, “Take Good Care Of My Baby”, Run To Him”, “The Night Has A Thousand Eyes” and others. This great-value 64-track collection includes all his US and &K A & B sides, and all his EP tracks from the period, plus selected tracks from all his LP releases during this time, which did not otherwise appear on singles or Eps. As such, it’s a pretty thorough and hugely entertaining overview of what were perhaps the most significant and formative years of his career, and it’s a great showcase for his distinctive talent.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 Suzie Baby Bobby Vee and The Shadows
2 Flyin' High Bobby Vee and The Shadows
3 What Do You Want Bobby Vee
4 My Love Loves Me Bobby Vee
5 Laurie Bobby Vee
6 One Last Kiss Bobby Vee
7 Devil Or Angel Bobby Vee
8 Since I Met You Baby Bobby Vee
9 Rubber Ball Bobby Vee
10 Everyday Bobby Vee
11 More Than I Can Say Bobby Vee
12 Stayin' In Bobby Vee
13 How Many Tears Bobby Vee
14 Baby Face Bobby Vee
15 Take Good Care Of My Baby Bobby Vee
16 Bashful Bob Bobby Vee
17 Suzie Q Bobby Vee
18 Love's Made A Fool Of You Bobby Vee
19 Run To Him Bobby Vee
20 Walkin' With My Angel Bobby Vee
21 Please Don't Ask About Barbara Bobby Vee
22 I Can't Say Goodbye Bobby Vee
23 Sharing You Bobby Vee
24 In My Baby's Eyes Bobby Vee
25 Punish Her Bobby Vee
26 Someday (When I'm Gone From You) Bobby Vee
27 A Not So-Merry Christmas Bobby Vee
28 Christmas Vacation Bobby Vee
29 A Forever Kind Of Love Bobby Vee
30 Remember Me, Huh? Bobby Vee
31 The Night Has A Thousand Eyes Bobby Vee
32 Anonymous Phone Call Bobby Vee
33 Young Love Bobby Vee
Disk 2:
Track Title Artist
1 Diana Bobby Vee
2 Tears On My Pillow Bobby Vee
3 Love, Love, Love Bobby Vee
4 Mister Sandman Bobby Vee
5 Little Star Bobby Vee
6 School Days Bobby Vee
7 Do You Wanna Dance? Bobby Vee
8 Lollipop Bobby Vee
9 Sincerely Bobby Vee
10 Mr. Blue Bobby Vee
11 It's All In The Game Bobby Vee
12 You Send Me Bobby Vee
13 Talk To Me, Talk To Me Bobby Vee
14 Angels In The Sky Bobby Vee
15 Foolish Tears Bobby Vee
16 Pledging My Love Bobby Vee
17 That's All Bobby Vee
18 Happy, Happy Birthday Baby Bobby Vee
19 Donna Bobby Vee
20 The Wisdom Of A Fool Bobby Vee
21 Sixteen Candles Bobby Vee
22 He Will Break Your Heart Bobby Vee
23 Who Am I? Bobby Vee
24 Raining In My Heart Bobby Vee
25 Bo Diddley Bobby Vee
26 Well...All Right Bobby Vee
27 Little Queenie Bobby Vee
28 What's Your Name Bobby Vee
29 My Golden Chance Bobby Vee
30 Forget Me Not Bobby Vee
31 Guess Who Bobby Vee
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