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The Hits Collection 1947-62
The Hits Collection 1947-62

Vic Damone
Styles: Easy Listening, Pop
Catalogue Number: ADDCD3215
Vic Damone was one of the significant coterie of Italian American crooners to come to the fore in the post-war years to play a significant role in the popular music of the time – that group included the likes of Frank Sinatra, Perry Como, Dean Martin, Al Martino, Frankie Laine and Tony Bennett, so he was in illustrious company. Having got his break, like so many artists, on Arthur Godfreys’ Talent Scouts show, he signed with Mercury in 1947 and over the next fifteen years racked up around fifty hits in the Billboard, Cash Box and UK charts, scoring a US No. 1 in 1949 with “You’re Breaking My Heart” and a UK No. 1 in 1956 with “On The Street Where You Live” after he had moved to the Columbia label. This great value 50-track 2-CD set features 48 tracks which are listed as having made the charts, with many making the Top 10, including “I Have But One Heart”, “Again”, “My Heart Cries For You”, “Here In My Heart” and many more. It’s a great showcase for a talented and highly successful vocalist whose records captured the essence of the popular music of the times.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 I Have but One Heart (O Marinariello) Vic Damone
2 You Do Vic Damone
3 Come Back To Sorrento Vic Damone
4 Thoughtless Vic Damone
5 It's Magic Vic Damone
6 Say Something Sweet To Your Sweetheart Vic Damone With Patti Page
7 Again Vic Damone
8 You're Breaking My Heart Vic Damone
9 Four Winds and Seven Seas Vic Damone
10 My Bolero Vic Damone
11 Why Was I Born? Vic Damone
12 Sitting by the Window Vic Damone
13 God's Country Vic Damone
14 Vagabond Shoes Vic Damone
15 Tzena, Tzena, Tzena Vic Damone
16 I Love That Girl Vic Damone
17 Just Say I Love Her Vic Damone
18 Cincinnati Dancing Pig Vic Damone
19 Can Anyone Explain (No! No! No!) Vic Damone
20 Marshmallow World Vic Damone
21 Music by the Angels Vic Damone
22 My Heart Cries for You Vic Damone
23 If Vic Damone
24 Tell Me You Love Me Vic Damone
25 My Truly, Truly Fair Vic Damone
Disk 2:
Track Title Artist
1 My Life's Desire Vic Damone
2 Longing for You Vic Damone
3 Wonder Why (with Jane Powell?) Vic Damone
4 Calla Calla Vic Damone
5 Jump Through the Ring Vic Damone
6 Here in My Heart Vic Damone
7 Take My Heart Vic Damone
8 Rosanne Vic Damone
9 Sugar Vic Damone
10 April in Portugal Vic Damone
11 Eternally (The Song from Limelight) Vic Damone
12 Ebb Tide Vic Damone
13 A Village In Peru Vic Damone
14 Stranger In Paradise Vic Damone
15 The Breeze And I Vic Damone
16 The Sparrow Sings Vic Damone
17 Por Favor Vic Damone
18 On the Street Where You Live Vic Damone
19 War and Peace Vic Damone
20 Do I Love You (Because You're Beautiful) Vic Damone
21 An Affair to Remember (Our Love Affair)  Vic Damone
22 Gigi Vic Damone
23 The Only Man on the Island Vic Damone
24 The Night Has A Thousand Eyes Vic Damone
25 What Kind of Fool Am I? Vic Damone
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