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The Complete US & UK Singles As & Bs 1956-62
The Complete US & UK Singles As & Bs 1956-62

Buddy Holly & The Crickets
Styles: Pop, Rock 'n' roll
Catalogue Number: ADDCD3232
Despite the fact that his career was so tragically curtailed when he died in the fateful plane crash on 3rd February 1959, in which The Big Bopper and Ritchie Valens also perished, Buddy Holly remains as one of the most important and innovative songwriters and performers of the rock ‘n’ roll era. With a style that uniquely blended country and R&B influences from his background in Texas, and under the guidance of writer/producer Norman Petty, Buddy Holly and The Crickets had a landmark US and UK No. 1 in 1957 with “That’ll Be The Day”, which was followed by a string of memorable classics with Holly recording both with The Crickets and as a solo artist, until fate intervened only eighteen months after his chart debut. He had recorded sufficient material to provide a number of posthumous singles releases and chart entries, and The Crickets continued recording and having hits without Buddy, and between them they established a legacy of evocative and distinctive material. This great-value 66-track 2-CD collection comprises the A and B sides of the singles released under all those guises during this period – Buddy Holly, The Crickets, Buddy Holly and The Crickets, and The Crickets without Buddy, plus the titles from the “Chirping Crickets” and “Buddy Holly” LPs not otherwise included as singles. It is a comprehensive overview of the recordings which established Holly and his colleagues as influential pioneers of the genre, and a fine showcase for his unique talent.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 Blue Days Black Nights Buddy Holly
2 Love Me Buddy Holly
3 Modern Don Juan Buddy Holly
4 You Are My One Desire Buddy Holly
5 That'll Be The Day The Crickets
6 I'm Lookin' For Someone To Love The Crickets
7 Oh, Boy! The Crickets
8 Not Fade Away The Crickets
9 Words Of Love Buddy Holly
10 Mailman, Bring Me No More Blues Buddy Holly
11 Peggy Sue Buddy Holly
12 Everyday Buddy Holly
13 It's Too Late The Crickets
14 An Empty Cup (And A Broken Date) The Crickets
15 Send Me Some Lovin' The Crickets
16 Last Night The Crickets
17 Rock Me Baby The Crickets
18 Maybe Baby The Crickets
19 Tell Me How The Crickets
20 Think It Over The Crickets
21 Fool's Paradise The Crickets
22 It's So Easy The Crickets
23 Lonesome Tears The Crickets
24 Listen To Me Buddy Holly
25 I'm Gonna Love You Too Buddy Holly
26 Rave On Buddy Holly
27 Take Your Time Buddy Holly
28 Early In The Morning Buddy Holly
29 Now We're One Buddy Holly
30 Heartbeat Buddy Holly
31 Well, All Right Buddy Holly
32 Ready Teddy Buddy Holly
33 Little Baby Buddy Holly
34 It Doesn't Matter Anymore Buddy Holly
Disk 2:
Track Title Artist
1 Raining In My Heart Buddy Holly
2 Love's Made A Fool Of You The Crickets
3 Someone, Someone The Crickets
4 Peggy Sue Got Married Buddy Holly
5 Crying, Waiting, Hoping Buddy Holly
6 When You Ask About Love The Crickets
7 Deborah The Crickets
8 Rock Around With Ollie Vee Buddy Holly
9 Midnight Shift Buddy Holly
10 More Than I Can Say The Crickets
11 Baby My Heart The Crickets
12 True Love Ways Buddy Holly
13 That Makes It Tough Buddy Holly
14 Moondreams Buddy Holly
15 Learning The Game Buddy Holly
16 Don't Cha Know The Crickets
17 I Fought The Law The Crickets
18 A Sweet Love The Crickets
19 You're So Square (Baby I Don't Care) Buddy Holly
20 Valley Of Tears Buddy Holly
21 What To Do Buddy Holly
22 That's What They Say Buddy Holly
23 Look At Me Buddy Holly
24 He's Old Enough To Know Better The Crickets
25 I'm Feeling Better The Crickets
26 Reminiscing Buddy Holly
27 Wait Til The Sun Shines Nellie Buddy Holly
28 Don't Ever Change The Crickets
29 I'm Not A Bad Guy The Crickets
30 I Believe In You The Crickets
31 Parisian Girl The Crickets
32 Little Hollywood Girl The Crickets
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