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40 Golden Classics
40 Golden Classics

Pat Boone
Styles: Pop
Catalogue Number: ADDCD3248
In the era following the rock ‘n’ roll explosion and before the British Invasion, Pat Boone was second only to Elvis Presley as the USA’s most popular and successful male artist, racking up over 50 hits in the half dozen years following his chart debut in 1955. He was a marvellously versatile singer as well as a successful movie actor, equally at home with rock ‘n’ roll songs and romantic ballads, his warm and relaxed voice giving him an appeal across the pop spectrum, and it enabled him to score several landmark No. 1s in the US and UK with memorable hits like “I’ll Be Home”, “Love Letters In The Sand”, “April Love”, “Speedy Gonzales” and “Moody River”, among others. This 40-track 2-CD collection brings together the biggest hits and many of his best-known songs from the era, including all his 28 UK chart entries, with the others all being US hits. It’s a comprehensive and hugely enjoyable overview of his UK chart career during the first crucial decade of what has become a distinguished half century in the music business, and in public life, and we are sure it will appeal to a huge number of pop fans and collectors.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 I'll Be Home Pat Boone
2 Don't Forbid Me Pat Boone
3 Speedy Gonzales Pat Boone
4 Why Baby Why Pat Boone
5 I Almost Lost My Mind Pat Boone
6 April Love Pat Boone
7 Gee But It's Lonely Pat Boone
8 Ain't That A Shame Pat Boone
9 At My Front Door Pat Boone
10 Remember You're Mine Pat Boone
11 Tutti Fruiti Pat Boone
12 Sugar Moon Pat Boone
13 Two Hearts, Two Kisses Pat Boone
14 For A Penny Pat Boone
15 Chains Of Love Pat Boone
16 If Dreams Came True Pat Boone
17 Bernardine Pat Boone
18 No Other Arms Pat Boone
19 Moody River Pat Boone
20 Friendly Persuasion Pat Boone
Disk 2:
Track Title Artist
1 Love Letters In The Sand Pat Boone
2 A Wonderful Time Up There Pat Boone
3 There's A Goldmine In The Sky Pat Boone
4 It's Too Soon To Know Pat Boone
5 Twixt Twelve And Twenty Pat Boone
6 Long Tall Sally Pat Boone
7 I'll Remember Tonight Pat Boone
8 Gee Whittakers Pat Boone
9 With The Wind And The Rain In Your Hair Pat Boone
10 (Welcome) New Lovers Pat Boone
11 I'll See You In My Dreams Pat Boone
12 I'm Waiting Just For You Pat Boone
13 Walking The Floor Over You Pat Boone
14 White Christmas Pat Boone
15 Quando Quando Quando Pat Boone
16 Big Cold Wind Pat Boone
17 Fools Hall Of Fame Pat Boone
18 For My Good Fortune Pat Boone
19 The Main Attraction Pat Boone
20 Johnny Will Pat Boone
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