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Kansas City Blues 1944-1949
Kansas City Blues 1944-1949

Jay McShann
Styles: Blues
Catalogue Number: ACRCD126
If you managed to catch the excellent Martin Scorcese Blues series, broadcast by the BBC, then you will be familiar with Jay McShann as he featured heavily in the Clint Eastwood-directed programme. McShann led a big band that was one of the most popular outfits of the 40’s racking up a number of big hits in the process. He became one of the leading exponents of Kansas blues and one of the most famous musicians who popularized the style of the City’s musicians. His piano can still be heard today on the rare live dates he undertakes. This compilation features most of his big R&B chart records with vocals from Julia Lee, Jimmy Witherspoon and Crown Prince Waterford. A real gem of an album, one that will not be out of place in any blues collection.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 Come On Over To My House Jay McShann
2 Trouble In Mind Jay McShann
3 Confessing The Blues Jay McShann
4 Walking Blues Jay McShann
5 Merry Go Round Blues Jay McShann
6 Bad Tale Boogie Jay McShann
7 Hootie Boogie Jay McShann
8 Garfield Avenue Blues Jay McShann
9 Shipyard Woman Blues Jay McShann
10 Crown Prince Boogie Jay McShann
11 Ernestina Jay McShann
12 Roll On Katy Jay McShann
13 I Want A Little Girl Jay McShann
14 Have You Ever Loved A Woman Jay McShann
15 Jimtown Boogie Jay McShann
16 Barfly Blues Jay McShann
17 Hot Biscuits Jay McShann
18 Slow Drag Blues Jay McShann
19 Buttermilk Jay McShann
20 Twelve o' Clock Whistle Jay McShann
21 Cover Up Jay McShann
22 Scotty Can Blow (Kicks) Jay McShann
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