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The Early Years 1956-62
The Early Years 1956-62

Carl Belew
Styles: Country
Catalogue Number: ADDCD3384
Carl Belew was a country singer and songwriter, who as well as having hits on his own account, provided songs with which other artists continue to have hits many years after this death. Coming to prominence in the late ‘50s, his songs provided Top 10 country hits for the likes of Faron Young with “Every Time I’m Kissing You”, and Johnnie & Jack, the latter with “Stop The World (and Let Me Off)”, as well as a Top 5 pop hit for Andy Williams with “Lonely Street” and a Top 30 hit for Debbie Reynolds with “Am I That Easy To Forget”, the song that gave him his own Top 10 debut in the country chart. He continued to have solo hits into the ‘70s alongside his hits as a writer. This 52-track 2-CD set comprises the A and B sides of his singles during these years on the 4 Star, Decca and RCA-Victor labels, along with the tracks from his 1960 Decca album “Carl Belew” not otherwise released on singles and all the tracks from his 1962 album, also called “Carl Belew” on the Wrangler/Forum Circle label. It features his Top 10 country hits “Am I That Easy To Forget” and “Hello Out There”, and the Top 20 hit “Too Much To Lose”, plus his own recordings of his hit songs for other artists, “Every Time I’m Kissing You”, “Stop The World (and Let Me Off)” and “Lonely Street”. It’s a comprehensive overview of the key formative years of his career, which provided the platform for his later success, and we trust it provides a worthy showcase for his talents as both songwriter and performer.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 I'm Long Gone Carl Belew & His Riff Riders
2 Silence And Tears Carl Belew & His Riff Riders
3 Lonely Street Carl Belew & His Rock Crushers
4 A Cryin' And A Hurtin' Carl Belew & His Rock Crushers
5 Lie To Me Carl Belew & His Grand River Boys
6 Old Number Nine Carl Belew & His Grand River Boys
7 Stop The World (And Let Me Off) Carl Belew
8 I Can't Forget Carl Belew
9 Everytime I'm Kissing You Carl Belew
10 Twenty-Four Hour Night Carl Belew
11 My Baby's Not Here (In Town Tonight) Carl Belew
12 No Love Tonight Carl Belew
13 I Wish You Love Carl Belew
14 Am I That Easy To Forget Carl Belew
15 Such Is Life Carl Belew
16 Cool Gator Shoes Carl Belew
17 No Regrets Carl Belew
18 I Know, But Tell Me Dear (It Didn't Happen) Carl Belew
19 I Wish I'd Never Carl Belew
20 Too Much To Lose Carl Belew
21 That’s What I Get For Lovin‘ You Carl Belew
22 The End Of Time Carl Belew
23 My Baby's Not Here (In Town Tonight) Carl Belew
24 There She Goes Carl Belew
25 You're Doing Things To Hurt Me Carl Belew
26 Lonely Street Carl Belew
Disk 2:
Track Title Artist
1 Release Me (And Let Me Love Again) Carl Belew
2 It Happened When I Really Needed You Carl Belew
3 Another Lonely Night Carl Belew
4 I Can’t Lose Something (That I’ve Never Had) Carl Belew
5 Can't Take A Chance Carl Belew
6 Stop The World (And Let Me Off) (1961 version) Carl Belew
7 I'm So Lonesome Carl Belew
8 Do I Have To (Have A Reason) Carl Belew
9 I Don’t Know How I’ll Live (And Feel This Way) Carl Belew
10 Can't You Hear Me Call Your Name Carl Belew
11 Second Chance Carl Belew
12 Odd Man Out Carl Belew
13 Hello Out There Carl Belew
14 Together We Stand Carl Belew
15 Wishful Thinking Carl Belew
16 The One You Slip Around With Carl Belew
17 Love's Been Good To Me Carl Belew
18 Three Cheers For The Red, White And Blue Carl Belew
19 Send Me The Pillow Carl Belew
20 Where Do I Go (When I Get To Where I'm Going) Carl Belew
21 Make Up Your Mind (And Say Yes) Carl Belew
22 Little Miss Heartache Carl Belew
23 Three Cheers For The Loser Carl Belew
24 Just Out Of Reach Carl Belew
25 I Gotta Go Get My Baby Carl Belew
26 You're The Only Good Thing Carl Belew
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