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The Wayward Wind - The Essential Collection 1955-61
The Wayward Wind - The Essential Collection 1955-61

Gogi Grant
Styles: Easy Listening, Pop
Catalogue Number: ADDCD3404
The daughter of Russian immigrant parents in Philadelphia, she moved with her family to Loa Angeles and came to the fore through TV talent shows, leading to a contract with RCA-Victor – RCA’s Dave Kapp gave her the name “Gogi”, which was the name of his favourite restaurant. She moved to the Era label, for whom she had her debut No. 9 hit “Suddenly There’s A Valley” and her landmark US No. 1 and UK Top 10 with “The Wayward Wind” before moving back to RCA in 1957. This great-value 53-track 2-CD set comprises most of her A & B sides on the RCA-Victor, Era & Liberty labels from these years, including the six chart hits she had during this era. She also became a popular album artist, especially with selections of movie music, and along with the singles, the collection features selected titles from her albums “Suddenly There’s Gogi Grant” on Era, “The Helen Morgan Story”, “Gigi”, “Welcome To My Heart”, “Showboat”, “Torch Time”, “Kiss Me Kate” and “Granted….It’s Gogi” on RCA and “If You Want To Get To Heaven…Shout!” on Liberty. Although her success came after rock ‘n’ roll had made its impact on the pop market, her style was perhaps more of an earlier time, and in offering a selective overview of her output during what was the main period of her career, this collection provides a showcase for a talent who has probably not had the attention she merits.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 Everyone Knows I Love You Gogi Grant
2 Ricochet Gogi Grant
3 Secret Love Gogi Grant
4 Suddenly There's A Valley Gogi Grant
5 Love Is Gogi Grant
6 Who Are We Gogi Grant
7 We Believe In Love Gogi Grant
8 The Wayward Wind Gogi Grant
9 No More Than Forever Gogi Grant
10 You're In Love Gogi Grant
11 When The Tide Is High Gogi Grant
12 The Golden Ladder Gogi Grant
13 All Of Me Gogi Grant
14 I Gave You My Heart Gogi Grant
15 I Don't Want To Walk Without You Gogi Grant
16 Johnny's Dream Gogi Grant
17 What A Beautiful Combination Gogi Grant
18 Chinese Nightingale Gogi Grant
19 Bonjour Tristesse Gogi Grant
20 My Secret Prayer Gogi Grant
21 How Do We Know We're In Love Gogi Grant
22 Strange Are The Ways Of Love Gogi Grant
23 Marjolaina Gogi Grant
24 Two Dreams Gogi Grant
25 (Kiss Me) Honey Honey (Kiss Me) Gogi Grant
26 The Ride Back From Boot Hill Gogi Grant
27 A Restless Pair Gogi Grant
Disk 2:
Track Title Artist
1 If And When Gogi Grant
2 Goin' Home Gogi Grant
3 All God's Children Got Shoes Gogi Grant
4 I Never Meant To Fall In Love Gogi Grant
5 Stay Here With Me Gogi Grant
6 In A Sentimental Mood Gogi Grant
7 That One Kiss Gogi Grant
8 I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart Gogi Grant
9 The One I Love (Belongs To Somebody Else) Gogi Grant
10 Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams Gogi Grant
11 Body And Soul Gogi Grant
12 The Parisians Gogi Grant
13 Welcome To My Heart Gogi Grant
14 The More I See You Gogi Grant
15 If I Should Lose You Gogi Grant
16 Can't Help Lovin Dat Man Gogi Grant
17 They Say It's Wonderful Gogi Grant
18 Bewitched Gogi Grant
19 Mad About The Boy Gogi Grant
20 Always True To You In My Fashion Gogi Grant
21 By Myself Gogi Grant
22 Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo Gogi Grant
23 You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me Gogi Grant
24 If You Want To Get To Heaven - Shout! Gogi Grant
25 Ninety-Nine And A Half Gogi Grant
26 Wayfaring Stranger Gogi Grant
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