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The Jayhawks and Vibrations - The Story So Far 1955-62
The Jayhawks and Vibrations - The Story So Far 1955-62

The Vibrations
Styles: Doo Wop, Pop, R&B
Catalogue Number: ADDCD3427
The doowop and pop vocal group which eventually became The Vibrations began life as The Jayhawks, having a 1956 hit with “Stranded In The Jungle”, and recording under different names before becoming The Vibrations to have another hit with “The Watusi”, and then “Peanut Butter” as they recorded as The Marathons. Their music encompassed pure doowop, along with hard-hitting R&B, rock ‘n’ roll and novelty pop and “dance craze” songs, as they and their producers searched for the next successful formula. This great-value 53-track 2-CD set comprises A & B sides of their releases on the Flash, Aladdin, Allied, Eastman, Bet, Checker, Arvee and Argo labels during these years, including recordings as The Jayhawks, The Vibes, Danny Tyrrel & The Cleechays, Sonny Knight & The Cleeshays, The Vibrations and The Marathons, and also includes the titles from their Checker album “The Watusi” which were not otherwise released on singles.It features all the chart entries from this era, including the Jayhawks R&B Top 10 and pop Top 20 hit “Stranded In The Jungle”, and their Top 20 hit as The Vibrations “The Watusi” “Peanut Butter” as The Marathons. The album is sub-titled “The Story So Far” as they had several more hits beyond the scope of this collection through to 1968. It’s a comprehensive overview of their output during this era, and an entertaining collection of recordings that showcase the varied nature of their talent.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 Counting My Teardrops The Jayhawks
2 The Devil's Cousin The Jayhawks
3 My Only Darling The Jayhawks
4 Stranded In The Jungle The Jayhawks
5 Love Train The Jayhawks
6 Don't Mind Dyin' The Jayhawks
7 Johnny's House Party - Part 1 Earl Palmer's Party Rockers With The Jayhawks
8 Johnny's House Party - Part 2 Earl Palmer's Party Rockers With The Jayhawks
9 Everyone Should Know The Jayhawks
10 The Creature (From Outer Space) The Jayhawks
11 What's Her Name The Vibes
12 You Are The Vibes
13 Misunderstood The Vibes
14 Let The Old Folks Talk The Vibes
15 Let's Walk, Lets Talk Danny Tyrell & The Cleechays
16 You're Only Seventeen Danny Tyrell & The Cleechays
17 Eat Your Mush And Hush Sonny Kight & The Cleeshays
18 Lipstick Kisses Sonny Kight & The Cleeshays
19 Start The Fire Jayhawks
20 Wish The World Owed Me A Living The Jayhawks
21 Betty Brown The Jayhawks
22 New Love The Jayhawks
23 So Blue The Vibrations
24 Love Me Like You Should The Vibrations
25 Feel So Bad The Vibrations
26 Cave Man The Vibrations
27 Doing The Slop The Vibrations
Disk 2:
Track Title Artist
1 So Little Time The Vibrations
2 The Watusi The Vibrations
3 Wallflower The Vibrations
4 Continental With Me, Baby The Vibrations
5 The Junkeroo The Vibrations
6 Peanut Butter The Marathons
7 Talkin' Trash The Marathons
8 Peanut Butter The Vibrations
9 Down In New Orleans The Vibrations
10 Don't Say Goodbye The Vibrations
11 Stranded In The Jungle The Vibrations
12 Stop Right Now The Vibrations
13 All My Love Belongs To You The Vibrations
14 What Made You Change Your Mind The Vibrations
15 Let's Pony Again The Vibrations
16 Oh, Cindy The Vibrations
17 Over The Rainbow The Vibrations
18 Any Time The Vibrations
19 The New Hully Gully The Vibrations
20 Hamburgers On A Bun The Vibrations
21 If He Don't The Vibrations
22 Serenade Of The Bells The Vibrations
23 Time After Time The Vibrations
24 People Say The Vibrations
25 Sweet Slumber The Vibrations
26 I Had A Dream The Vibrations
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