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Sing A Little Song Of Heartache - The Solo Singles 1953-62
Sing A Little Song Of Heartache - The Solo Singles 1953-62

Rose Maddox
Styles: Country
Catalogue Number: ADDCD3467
Rose Maddox was a country singer, songwriter and fiddle player from Alabama, whose family migrated to California in the 1930s, where she started singing on radio and formed a band with her brothers, who performed and recorded for a decade after WWII as the Maddox Brothers & Rose. When the group broke up in 1957, she started a solo career and enjoyed a string of chart entries over the next few years as she built a reputation as an extrovert, dynamic performer, blending hillbilly, rockabilly and gospel in a highly distinctive musical mix. This 58-track 2-CD collection comprises most of the A&B sides of her singles on Columbia and Capitol during these years, plus bonus tracks from her Capitol album “One Rose”. It features her No. 3 country hit “Sing A Little Song Of Heartache” and her other sol country hits from this era “Gambler’s Love”, “Kissing My Pillow”, “I Want To Live Again” and “Conscience I’m Guilty”, plus her Top 10 duet hits with Buck Owens "Mental Cruelty" and "Loose Talk". She was an artist who had an impact far beyond the degree of her success, with Emmylou Harris saying she has not has the attention she deserves and Dolly Parton citing her as an early influence. This collection offers a substantial overview of a key era of her solo career and is an entertaining showcase for her particular style of country.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 The Nightingale Song Rose Maddox
2 I'd Rather Die Young Rose Maddox
3 I'm A Little Red Caboose (On The Choo-Choo Train Of Love) Rose Maddox
4 Wasted Years Rose Maddox
5 Kiss Me Like Crazy Rose Maddox
6 Just One More Time Rose Maddox
7 Birthday Card Song (The Card That You Sent On My Birthday) Rose Maddox
8 Breathless Love Rose Maddox
9 Marry Me Again Rose Maddox
10 Poor Little Heartbroken Rose Rose Maddox
11 Waltz Of The Pines Rose Maddox
12 Life That You've Led Rose Maddox
13 I Wonder If I Can Lose The Blues This Way Rose Maddox
14 There's No Right Way To Do Me Wrong Rose Maddox
15 Wild, Wild Young Men Rose Maddox
16 Second Choice Rose Maddox
17 Humming Bird Rose Maddox
18 Words Are So Easy To Say Rose Maddox
19 Wild Wind Rosie & Retta
20 Was There A Teardrop Rosie & Retta
21 Hasty Baby Rose Maddox
22 When The Sun Goes Down Rose Maddox
23 Tall Men Rose Maddox
24 Hey Little Dreamboat Rose Maddox
25 Burrito Jo Rose Maddox
26 False Hearted Rose Maddox
27 Looky There Over There Rose Maddox
28 Your Sweet Mean Heart Rose Maddox
Disk 2:
Track Title Artist
1 Take A Gamble On Me Rose Maddox
2 1-2-3-4 Anyplace Road (Somewhere USA) Rose Maddox
3 I'll Go Steppin' Too Rose Maddox
4 Let Those Brown Eyes Smile At Me Rose Maddox
5 Gambler's Love Rose Maddox
6 What Makes Me Hang Around Rose Maddox
7 Custer's Last Stand Rose Maddox
8 My Little Baby Rose Maddox
9 Lost Today Rose Maddox
10 I'm Happy Every Day I Live Rose Maddox
11 Please Help Me I'm Falling Rose Maddox
12 Down, Down, Down Rose Maddox
13 Shining Silver Gleaming Gold Rose Maddox
14 Billy Cline Rose Maddox
15 I Want To Live Again Rose Maddox
16 Kissing My Pillow Rose Maddox
17 Mental Cruelty Buck Owens And Rose Maddox
18 Loose Talk Buck Owens And Rose Maddox
19 Conscience I'm Guilty Rose Maddox
20 Lonely Street Rose Maddox
21 There Ain't No Love Rose Maddox
22 Your Kind Of Lovin' Won't Do Rose Maddox
23 Here We Go Again Rose Maddox
24 Fool Me Again Rose Maddox
25 Let's Pretend We're Strangers Rose Maddox
26 Take Me Back Again Rose Maddox
27 Sing A Little Song Of Heartache Rose Maddox
28 Tie A Ribbon In The Apple Tree Rose Maddox
29 Honky-Tonkin' Rose Maddox
30 Why Don't You Haul Off And Love Me Rose Maddox
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