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The Herald Records Doowop Collection 1953-63
The Herald Records Doowop Collection 1953-63

Various Artists
Styles: Doo Wop, Pop, R&B
Catalogue Number: ACTRCD9133
The Herald label was founded in 190 by Fred Mendelsohn, formerly with Savoy, and he was soon joined by Al Silver, who owned the pressing plant that made the label’s records. Silver had an ear for R&B and doowop, and built Herald into a creative hub for R&B recording and most particularly becoming renowned for its output of doowop recordings by a string of different groups during the late ‘50s and into the 1960s. Most notable among those groups were The Nutmegs, The Turbans, The Mello Kings and Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs, who all had hits on the label. This great-value 91-track 3-CD set brings together most of the label’s releases by artists whose work falls broadly into the category of doowop, although this is obviously not a definition which can be slavishly or precisely applied. It features the A & B sides of most of the Herald releases by the groups named above, plus The Embers, The Five Willows, The Sonnets, The Cashmeres, The Rocketeers, The Thrillers, The Sunbeams, The Mint Juleps, Little Butchie Saunders, The Four Js, The Desires, The Loungers, The Vocalaires, The Concords and The Premiers. It features the Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs’ R&B No. 1 ‘Stay’, and their other hits ‘I Remember’ and ‘Come Along’, The Nutmegs’ hits ‘Story Untold’ and ‘Ship Of Love’, The Turbans’ No. 3 ‘When You Dance’ and the Mello-Kings’ ‘Tonite, Tonite’. It’s a feast of classic doowop from a label which was at the heart of the genre.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 Paradise Hill The Embers
2 Sound Of Love The Embers
3 Foolish One The Rocketeers
4 Gonna Feed My Baby Poison The Rocketeers
5 Please Talk To Me The Thrillers
6 Lizabeth The Thrillers
7 Lay Your Head On My Shoulder The 5 Willows
8 Baby Come A Little Closer The 5 Willows
9 Eternal Love The Heralds
10 Gonna Love You The Heralds
11 So Help Me I Love You The Five Willows
12 Look Me In The Eyes The Five Willows
13 Come Back Baby The Sunbeams
14 Tell Me Why The Sunbeams
15 Story Untold The Nutmegs
16 Make Me Lose My Mind The Nutmegs
17 When You Dance The Turbans
18 Let Me Show You (Around My Heart) The Turbans
19 Ship Of Love The Nutmegs
20 Rock Me, Squeeze Me The Nutmegs
21 Whispering Sorrows The Nutmegs
22 Betty Lou The Nutmegs
23 Sister Sookey The Turbans
24 I'll Always Watch Over You The Turbans
25 Little Dream Girl Cashmeres
26 Do I Upset You Cashmeres
27 Key To The Kingdom (Of Your Heart) The Nutmegs
Disk 2:
Track Title Artist
1 Gift O' Gabbin' Woman The Nutmegs
2 Please Won't You Call Me The Sonnets
3 Why Should We Break Up The Sonnets
4 B-I-N-G-O (Bingo) The Turbans
5 I'm Nobody's The Turbans
6 Bells Of Love Mint Juleps
7 Vip-A-Dip Mint Juleps
8 Lindy Lou Little "Butchie" Saunders And His Buddies
9 Rock 'N' Roll Indian Dance Little "Butchie" Saunders And His Buddies
10 It Was A Night Like This The Turbans
11 All Of My Love The Turbans
12 Great Big Heart Little "Butchie" Saunders And His Buddies
13 Comin' Home The Nutmegs
14 A Love So True The Nutmegs
15 Bye And Bye The Turbans Featuring Al Banks
16 Valley Of Love The Turbans Featuring Al Banks
17 Tonite-Tonite The Mellokings
18 Do Baby Do The Mellokings
19 Sassafras The Mello Kings
20 Chapel On The Hill The Mello Kings
21 Congratulations The Turbans
22 The Wadda-Do The Turbans
23 Baby Tell Me Why Why Why The Mello Kings
24 The Only Girls I'll Ever Know The Mello Kings
25 Valerie The Mello Kings
26 She's Real Cool The Mello Kings
27 Kissin' At The Drive-In The Four J's
28 Dreams Are A Dime A Dozen The Four J's
29 Cold Lonely Heart The Desires
30 Bobby You The Desires
Disk 3:
Track Title Artist
1 Remember The Nite The Loungers
2 Dizzy Spell The Loungers
3 Chip Chip The Mello-Kings
4 Running To You The Mellokings
5 My Sweet Dream The Nutmegs
6 My Story The Nutmegs
7 Dear Mr. Jock The Mello Kings
8 Our Love Is Beautiful The Mello Kings
9 Stay Maurice Williams And The Zodiacs
10 Do You Believe Maurice Williams And The Zodiacs
11 Kid Stuff The Mello Kings
12 I Remember Maurice Williams And The Zodiacs
13 Always Maurice Williams And The Zodiacs
14 Come Along Maurice Williams And The Zodiacs
15 Do I Maurice Williams And The Zodiacs
16 Penny The Mello Kings
17 Till There Were None The Mello Kings
18 Come And Get It Maurice Williams And The Zodiacs
19 Some Day Maurice Williams And The Zodiacs
20 High Blood Pressure Maurice Williams And The Zodiacs
21 Please Maurice Williams And The Zodiacs
22 Love At First Sight The Mello Kings
23 Forever Love The Dynamics Feat. Tony Maresco
24 Betty My Own The Dynamics Feat. Tony Maresco
25 It's Alright Maurice Williams And The Zodiacs
26 Dance-Dance The Vocalaires
27 These Empty Arms The Vocalaires
28 Rip Van Winkle The Nutmegs
29 Crazy 'Bout You The Nutmegs
30 Marlene The Concords
31 Our Love Wasn't Meant To Be The Concords
32 Diary Of Our Love The Premeers
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