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Early Years - The Singles & Albums Collection 1951-62
Early Years - The Singles & Albums Collection 1951-62

Bonnie Guitar
Styles: Country, Pop
Catalogue Number: ADDCD3469
Bonnie Guitar was an unusual personality in the world of pop music, in that she was not only that rare animal, a female country session guitarist, but was also a successful hit-making crossover country and pop singer, as well as being a producer and label-owner, launching Dolton Records, the label which released The Fleetwoods’ No. 1 “Come Softly To Me”. Hailing from Seattle in Washington state, far from the fashionable centres of the industry, she helped put the north-west on the map as a source of country music. This great-value 61-track 2-CD set comprises A & B sides from her releases on the Morrison, Rainier, Fabor, Dot, Radio, Dolton and RCA labels during this era, including early recordings as Bonnie Tutmarc, plus all the titles from her Dot album “Moonlight And Shadows” and selected titles from her gospel-flavoured album “Whispering Hope”. It features all her hits from these years, including the pop Top 10 entry “Dark Moon”, along with “Mr. Fire Eyes and “Candy Apple Red”. She made excellent records across the pop and country spectrum, and this collection is a great showcase for her talents as both singer and guitarist.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 Sailing Thru The Sunny San Juan Isles Bonnie Tutmarc
2 Don’t Bring Me Roses Red Bonnie Tutmarc
3 The Cherry Tree Paul Tutmarc & The Morrison Recording Orchestra
4 Don’t Keep Me Waitin‘ Paul Tutmarc & The Morrison Recording Orchestra
5 Ain’t You Ashamed Bonnie Tutmarc
6 Bronco Buster’s Rag Bonnie Tutmarc
7 Robin In The Pine Bonnie Tutmarc
8 I Couldn’t Believe It Was True Bonnie Tutmarc
9 Midget Auto Blues Paul Tutmarc & The Wranglers
10 Everybody Knew But Me Paul Tutmarc & The Wranglers
11 Cowboy Serenade Paul Tutmarc & The Wranglers
12 I Lost My Turkey (In The Depot Of Albuquerque) Paul Tutmarc & The Wranglers
13 If You See My Love Dancing Bonnie Guitar
14 Hello, Hello, Please Answer The Phone Bonnie Guitar
15 Clinging Vine Bonnie Guitar and Lee Gotch
16 Dream Dreamers Bonnie Guitar
17 Dark Moon Bonnie Guitar
18 Big Mike Bonnie Guitar
19 Half Your Heart Bonnie Guitar
20 If You See My Love Dancing Bonnie Guitar
21 There's A New Moon Over My Shoulder Bonnie Guitar
22 Mister Fire Eyes Bonnie Guitar
23 I Saw Your Face In The Moon Bonnie Guitar
24 Making Believe Bonnie Guitar
25 A Very Precious Love Bonnie Guitar
26 Johnny Vagabond Bonnie Guitar
27 I Found You Out Bonnie Guitar
28 If You'll Be The Teacher Bonnie Guitar
29 Whispering Hope Bonnie Guitar
Disk 2:
Track Title Artist
1 Rocky Mountain Moon Bonnie Guitar
2 Baby Moon Bonnie Guitar
3 Solitude Bonnie Guitar
4 Please My Love Bonnie Guitar
5 Love Is Over, Love Is Done Bonnie Guitar
6 Shanty Boat Bonnie Guitar
7 Only The Moon Man Knows Bonnie Guitar
8 Candy Apple Red Bonnie Guitar
9 Come To Me, I Love You (Akaka Falls) Bonnie Guitar
10 I'll Step Down Bonnie Guitar
11 Tell Her Bye Bonnie Guitar
12 Broken Hearted Girl Bonnie Guitar
13 Who Is She Bonnie Guitar
14 Moonlight And Shadows Bonnie Guitar
15 Carolina Moon Bonnie Guitar
16 Get Out And Get Under The Moon Bonnie Guitar
17 By The Light Of The Silvery Moon Bonnie Guitar
18 Moonlight On The Colorado Bonnie Guitar
19 Shine On Harvest Moon Bonnie Guitar
20 Moonlight And Roses Bonnie Guitar
21 Paper Moon Bonnie Guitar
22 The Moon Is Low Bonnie Guitar
23 Roll Along Prairie Moon Bonnie Guitar
24 Roll Along Kentucky Moon Bonnie Guitar
25 The Sweet Bye And Bye Bonnie Guitar
26 Bringing In The Sheaves Bonnie Guitar
27 Softly And Tenderly Bonnie Guitar
28 Peace In The Valley Bonnie Guitar
29 In The Garden Bonnie Guitar
30 Let The Lower Lights Be Burning Bonnie Guitar
31 Rock Of Ages Bonnie Guitar
32 God's Tomorrow Bonnie Guitar
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