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The Singing Cowboy - All The Hits And More 1933-52
The Singing Cowboy - All The Hits And More 1933-52

Gene Autry
Styles: Country
Catalogue Number: ADDCD3477
Gene Autry was the first of the Singing Cowboys, renowned as a pioneering figure in country music for his performances of country-flavoured songs in the western movies of the 1930s and ‘40s in which he starred. He wrote, co-wrote and performed many of the best-known songs associated with the particular style of easy-going cowboy country that evolved in parallel to the likes of Jimmie Rodgers and The Carter Family. He was also particularly famous for his introducing some of the best-known Christmas songs, which were also among his biggest hits in the latter era of his chart career. This 53-track 2-CD collection comprises all his 40 and more hits in the US pop and country charts on the Melotone, Vocalion, Okeh and Columbia labels, plus selected titles from his early pre-chart era with classic songs of the day. It features his pop and country No. 1 with “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer”, plus a dozen country No. 1s, including “At Mail Call Today”, “South of The Border”, “Back In The Saddle Again”, “You Are My Sunshine” and more, along with his other seasonal classics “Here Comes Santa Claus” and “Frosty the Snowman”. It’s a thorough overview of his chart career, and in the process offers a fine cross-section of some of the great songs from the genre.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 The Yellow Rose Of Texas Gene Autry & Jimmy Long
2 The Last Round-up Gene Autry & Jimmy Long
3 Tumbling Tumbleweeds Gene Autry & Jimmy Long
4 Ole Faithful Gene Autry & Jimmy Long
5 That Silver-Haired Daddy Of Mine Gene Autry & Jimmy Long
6 There's A Gold Mine In The Sky Gene Autry
7 Take Me Back To My Boots And Saddle Gene Autry
8 Little Sir Echo Gene Autry
9 Paradise In The Moonlight Gene Autry
10 Blue Montana Skies Gene Autry
11 Back In The Saddle Again Gene Autry
12 South of The Border (Down Mexio Way) Gene Autry
13 A Goldmine In Your Heart Gene Autry
14 I'm Beginning To Care Gene Autry
15 The Merry-Go-Roundup Gene Autry
16 Goodbye Little Darlin' Goodbye Gene Autry
17 When I'm Gone You'll Soon Forget Gene Autry
18 El Rancho Grande Gene Autry
19 The Singing Hills Gene Autry
20 Mary Dear Gene Autry
21 Were You Sincere Gene Autry
22 Blueberry Hill Gene Autry
23 Broomstick Buckaroo Gene Autry
24 Be Honest With Me Gene Autry
25 You Are My Sunshine Gene Autry
26 Jingle Jangle Jingle Gene Autry
Disk 2:
Track Title Artist
1 Deep In The Heart Of Texas Gene Autry
2 It Makes No Difference Now Gene Autry
3 We've Come A Long Way Together Gene Autry
4 I Hang My Head And Cry Gene Autry
5 I'm Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes Gene Autry
6 Tweedle-O-Twill Gene Autry
7 Gonna Build A Big Fence Around Texas Gene Autry
8 Don't Fence Me In Gene Autry
9 At Mail Call Today Gene Autry
10 I'll Be Back Gene Autry
11 Don't Hang Around Any More Gene Autry
12 Don't Live A Lie Gene Autry
13 I Want To Be Sure Gene Autry
14 Silver Spurs (On The Golden Stairs) Gene Autry
15 I Wish I Had Never Met Sunshine Gene Autry
16 You Only Want Me When You're Lonely Gene Autry
17 Wave To Me, My Lady Gene Autry
18 Have I Told You Lately That I Love You Gene Autry
19 Someday You'll Want Me To Want You Gene Autry
20 You're Not My Darlin' Anymore Gene Autry
21 Here Comes Santa Claus Gene Autry
22 Buttons And Bows Gene Autry
23 Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Gene Autry
24 Peter Cottontail Gene Autry
25 Frosty The Snow Man Gene Autry
26 Old Soldiers Never Die Gene Autry
27 The Night Before Christmas Song Gene Autry With Rosemary Clooney
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