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The Famous Ward Singers 1949-62
The Famous Ward Singers 1949-62

Clara Ward & The Ward Singers
Styles: Gospel
Catalogue Number: ACTRCD9139
The Famous Ward Singers, based in Philadelphia, were one of the foremost gospel groups of the post-war era, originally founded as a family group in 1931 by Gertrude Ward, and achieving fame after WWII with Gertrude’s daughter Clara Ward as leader, with other notable singers joining to create their trademark lead-switching style. Soloists with highly individual styles within the group included Henrietta Waddy, Marion Williams and Willa Ward Moultrie, and they developed a powerful and extrovert approach to gospel in their ‘live’ performances which readily translated to their recordings. This great-value 77-track 3-CD collection comprises a fairly significant proportion of the 130 or so A and B sides released on the Gotham and Savoy labels during this era, which represented the years when they achieved their greatest success. The releases were under various guises – Clara Ward as a solo artist, The Famous Ward Sisters Of Philadelphia, The Clara Ward Specials, Clara Ward & The Ward Singers, The Clara Ward Singers, The Famous Ward Singers and simply as The Ward Singers. It features most of their best-known songs, including the million-seller “Surely God Is Able”, along with “How I Got Over”, and “Packin’ Up”, plus many gospel classics and standards. It’s an inspiring an uplifting showcase for their distinctive approach to gospel.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 Surely God Is Able Famous Ward Singers Of Philadelphia
2 I Need Thee Every Hour Famous Ward Singers Of Philadelphia
3 The Fountain Clara Ward
4 How I Got Over Clara Ward
5 I Don't Know Why Clara Ward
6 Throw Out The Lifeline Clara Ward Specials
7 He'll Never Let Go My Hand Clara Ward Specials
8 Hark The Voice Clara Ward Specials
9 When I've Done The Best I Can Clara Ward
10 When The Gates Swing Open Clara Ward
11 Happy Over There - Part 1 Clara Ward Specials
12 I'm Waiting For Jesus Clara Ward
13 At The Cross Clara Ward
14 In That Great Judgement Morning Clara Ward
15 On Higher Ground Clara Ward
16 Faith Moves Mountains Clara Ward
17 I Heard Of A City Called Jerusalem Clara Ward
18 Jesus Clara Ward & Ward Singers
19 Stretch Out Clara Ward & Ward Singers
20 Just One Moment Clara Ward & Ward Singers
21 Each Day Clara Ward & Ward Singers
22 Jesus Is All The World To Me Clara Ward & Ward Singers
23 The Day Is Past And Gone Clara Ward & Ward Singers
24 Get Back, Jordan Clara Ward & Ward Singers
25 How Far Am I From Canaan? Clara Ward & Ward Singers
Disk 2:
Track Title Artist
1 He Knows How Much We Can Bear Clara Ward & Ward Singers
2 My Jesus Is All And All Clara Ward & Ward Singers
3 Who Could Ask For Anything Else Clara Ward Singers
4 I'm Bound For The Higher Ground Clara Ward & Ward Singers
5 When I Woke Up In Glory Clara Ward & Ward Singers
6 That Awful Day Will Surely Come Gertrude Ward And Daughters
7 The Old Rugged Cross Clara Ward & Ward Singers
8 Oh My Lord, What A Time Ward Singers
9 I Heard The Voice Of Jesus Famous Ward Singers
10 The Old Landmark Famous Ward Singers
11 I Will Trust In The Lord Clara Ward Singers
12 This Little Light Of Mine Clara Ward Singers
13 Until I Found The Lord Ward Singers
14 How Many Times Ward Singers
15 Since I Found The Light Famous Ward Singers
16 I Just Can't Make It Myself Famous Ward Singers
17 I Know It Was The Lord Famous Ward Singers
18 I Want To Be More Like Jesus Famous Ward Singers
19 Who Shall Be Able To Stand Famous Ward Singers
20 Farther On Up The Road Famous Ward Singers; Thelma Ja
21 Only The Crumbs Famous Ward Singers
22 God's Amazing Love Famous Ward Singers
23 Treading The Wine Press Alone Famous Ward Singers
24 Oh Gabriel Famous Ward Singers
25 Lord, Touch Me Famous Ward Singers
Disk 3:
Track Title Artist
1 I'm Goin' Home Famous Ward Singers
2 Hold Back The Tears Famous Ward Singers
3 Anywhere In Glory Famous Ward Singers
4 Great Is The Lord The Famous Ward Singers
5 Packin' Up Famous Ward Singers
6 Nearer My God To Thee Famous Ward Singers
7 Climbing Jacob's Ladder Famous Ward Singers
8 I Feel The Holy Spirit Famous Ward Singers
9 I'm So Glad Famous Ward Singers
10 Our God Is Real Famous Ward Singers
11 In His Arms Famous Ward Singers
12 Pure Gold Famous Ward Singers
13 Good News Famous Ward Singers
14 Got On My Traveling Shoes Famous Ward Singers
15 He's Watching Over You Famous Ward Singers
16 We're Gonna Have A Time Ward Singers
17 We Shall Be Changed Ward Singers
18 Every Day Will Be Sunday Famous Ward Singers
19 God Is Good Famous Ward Singers
20 I'm Getting Richer Famous Ward Singers
21 I'm Gonna Move Upstairs Famous Ward Singers
22 A Sweeter Tomorrow Famous Ward Singers
23 Life Is Just One Step Famous Ward Singers
24 Rock Of Ages Famous Ward Singers
25 The Lord's Army Famous Ward Singers
26 Handwriting On The Wall The Ward Singers
27 Contract With The Lord The Ward Singers
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