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The Georgia Guitar Wizard 1928-50
The Georgia Guitar Wizard 1928-50

Curley Weaver
Styles: Blues
Catalogue Number: ADDCD3513
Acrobat has devoted a number of collections to the blues guitarists and singers who represent what is known as the Piedmont school of blues – artists whose roots were in the region surrounding Atlanta, Georgia, and developed a fairly distinctive style of blues during the late 1920s and through the ‘30s, the best-known names including Blind Blake, Barbecue Bob, Blind Willie McTell, Josh White, Blind Boy Fuller and Buddy Moss. Curley Weaver was another prominent Piedmont bluesman, and an especially noted guitarist who was often invited to play on sessions with artists mentioned above, and whose recording career, albeit fitfully, extended through to 1950. This 50-track 2-CD collection comprises recordings under his own name for the Columbia, QRS, Okeh, Banner, Vocalion, Decca, Sittin’ In With and Regal labels. It includes recordings which were duets with Eddie Mapp, Ruth Willis, Fred McMullen, Clarence Moore and Blind Willie McTell along with titles where he performed as a member of the Georgia Cotton Pickers alongside Barbecue Bob and Buddy Moss, and The Georgia Browns, and on which he accompanied Buddy Moss or Blind Willie McTell. It’s a great showcase for a lesser-known blues luminary who nevertheless made a considerable contribution to the Piedmont sub-genre.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 Sweet Petunia Curley Weaver
2 No No Blues Curley Weaver
3 Dirty Deal Blues Weaver & Mapp
4 Its The Best Stuff Yet Weaver & Mapp
5 No No Blues Weaver & Mapp
6 Ta Ta Blues Weaver & Mapp
7 She's Coming Back Some Cold Rainy Day Georgia Cotton Pickers
8 Diddle Da Diddle Georgia Cotton Pickers
9 I'm On My Way Down Home Georgia Cotton Pickers
10 She Looks So Good Georgia Cotton Pickers
11 Wild Cat Kitten Curley Weaver & Clarence Moore
12 Baby Boogie Woogie Curley Weaver & Clarence Moore
14 Some Cold Rainy Day Curly Weaver & Ruth Willis
15 Poor Stranger Blues Fred McMullen & Curly Weaver
17 No No Blues Curly Weaver
18 Early Morning Blues Curly Weaver
19 Who Stole De Lock (On The Hen House Door)? Georgia Browns
20 It Must Have Been Her Georgia Browns
21 Leg Iron Blues Curley Weaver
22 Decatur Street 81 Georgia Browns
23 Tampa Strut Georgia Browns
24 Birmingham Gambler Curly Weaver
25 Tipping Tom Curly Weaver
26 City Cell Blues Curley Weaver
Disk 2:
Track Title Artist
1 Black Woman Curley Weaver
2 Next Door Man Jim Miller (Georgia Browns)
3 Joker Man Jim Miller (Georgia Browns)
4 You Was Born To Die Curley Weaver & Blind Willie McTell
5 Dirty Mistreater Curley Weaver & Blind Willie McTell
6 Empty Room Blues Curley Weaver
7 Warm It Up To Me Blind Willie McTell
8 Warm It Up To Me Blind Willie
9 Midnight Rambler Buddy Moss and Partner
10 Can't Use You No More Buddy Moss and Partner
11 Restless Night Blues Buddy Moss and Partner
12 Married Man's Blues Buddy Moss and Partner
13 Someone Keeps Calling Me Buddy Moss and Partner
14 Tricks Ain't Walkin' No More Curly Weaver
15 Early Morning Blues Curly Weaver
16 Sometime Mama Curly Weaver
17 Two Faced Woman Curly Weaver
18 Oh Lawdy Mama Curley Weaver
19 Fried Pie Blues Curley Weaver
20 My Baby's Gone Curley Weaver And His Guitar
21 Ticket Agent Curley Weaver And His Guitar
22 Some Rainy Day Curley Weaver And His Guitar
23 Trixie Curley Weaver And His Guitar
24 Love Changing Blues Pig’n Whistle Band
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