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Statesboro Blues - Collected Recordings 1927-1950

Blind Willie McTell
Styles: Blues
Catalogue Number: ADDCD3516
Acrobat has devoted a number of collections to the blues guitarists and singers who represent what is known as the Piedmont school of blues – artists whose roots were in the region surrounding Atlanta, Georgia, and developed a distinctive style of blues during the late 1920s and through the ‘30s, the best-known names including Blind Blake, Barbecue Bob, Curley Weaver, Josh White, Blind Boy Fuller and Buddy Moss. Blind Willie McTell was one of the most prominent of that coterie of performers, and one of the best-known in later years. He had a highly distinctive style, with a fluid fingerstyle technique, playing music that incorporated ragtime, jug band and hokum influences and chord sequences that differentiated it from pure blues more typical of the Delta. This 48-track 2-CD collection comprises a significant proportion of his releases during this era on the Victor, Okeh, Columbia, Bluebird, Vocalion, Decca, Atlantic and Regal labels. It features recordings with his sister Kate McTell and with singer Ruby Glaze, and releases under the names Blind Sammie, Georgia Bill and Barrelhouse Sammy, and with Curley Weaver as The Pig ‘n’ Whistle Band. He is also accompanied by Curley Weaver on second guitar on a number of the recordings. He was a highly individual and stylish performer, with a very extrovert and entertaining approach, and this collection is an enjoyable showcase for his very particular contribution to the Piedmont blues tradition.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 Stole Rider Blues Blind Willie McTell
2 Mr Mctell Got The Blues Blind Willie McTell
3 Mama Ain't Long Fo' Day Blind Willie McTell
4 Writing Paper Blues Blind Willie McTell
5 Three Women Blues Blind Willie McTell
6 Statesboro Blues Blind Willie McTell
7 Loving Talking Blues Blind Willie McTell
8 Dark Night Blues Blind Willie McTell
9 Love Changing Blues Blind Willie McTell
10 Drive Away Blues Blind Willie McTell
11 Kind Mama Blues Blind Sammie
12 Atlanta Strut Blind Sammie
13 Come Around To My House Mama Blind Sammie
14 Traveling Blues Blind Sammie
15 Razor Ball Blind Sammie
16 Talking To Myself Blind Sammie
17 Broke Down Engine Blues Blind Sammie
18 Southern Can Is Mine Blind Sammie
19 Georgia Rag Georgia Bill
20 Low Rider Blues Georgia Bill
21 Stomp Down Rider Georgia Bill
22 Scarey Day Blues Georgia Bill
23 Rolling Mama Blues Blind Willie McTell
24 Mama Let Me Scoop For You Ruby Glaze & Blind Willie
Disk 2:
Track Title Artist
1 Searching The Desert For The Blues Blind Willie McTell
2 Savanah Mama Blind Willie
3 B And O Blues No. 2 Blind Willie
4 Death Cell Blues Blind Willie
5 Warm It Up To Me Blind Willie
6 Runnin' Me Crazy Blind Willie
7 It's A Good Little Thing Blind Willie
8 Lord Have Mercy, If You Please Blind Willie
9 Don't You See How This World Made A Change Blind Willie
10 My Baby's Gone Blind Willie
11 Ticket Agent Blues Blind Willie McTell
12 Bell Street Blues Blind Willie McTell
13 Dying Gambler Blind Willie & Katie McTell
14 God Don't Like It Blind Willie & Katie McTell
15 Hillbilly Willie's Blues Blind Willie McTell
16 Your Time To Worry Blind Willie McTell
17 We Got To Meet Death One Day Blind Willie McTell
18 Cold Winter Day Blind Willie McTell
19 Lay Some Flowers On My Grave Blind Willie McTell
20 Kill It Kid Barrelhouse Sammy, The Country Boy
21 It's My Desire Blind Willie
22 Hide Me In Thy Bosom Blind Willie
23 Talking To You Mama Pig’n Whistle Band
24 How About You Blind Willie
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